learning the joy of living


I have come realized that life is so much more enjoyable when I am actively involved in learning something new. Regardless of what it is, if I am learning something new, it is more fun than not. A lot of people seem content with living off what they already know. They enjoy repeating the routine they did yesterday, and take comfort in knowing that routine will suffice them for tomorrow. :? Actually, there is nothing wrong with being “routine” or wanting today to be tomorrow. I myself am very resistant to change, that is why I stayed here in Davis. However, the problem arise when one shuts him or herself from actively acquiring knowledge. You can go on being the same person, doing the same thing, day in day out, in the physical sense. But if you let your mind do that, you are really doing a disservice to yourself. Anyways, I found that picture on flickr. Anyone who sees a picture like that and does not click on it must be crazy. Its really funny. If anyone ever ask me why they should embrace the concept of evolution, I’ll show them a picture of that. :wink: