innovative ideas


I saw a news story on this thing called the “One Laptop per Child” initiative. Although their “mode” of delivering world peace is some what of an odd ball, I think it is a brilliant idea (on the count that these kids won’t use these laptops to watch porn). The internet is filled with knowledge, and you can learn practically anything on the net. However, I am troubled by the fact that lately the internet have been bombarded with a lot of stupidity. I am glad that the internet has been able to fight off the onslaught of pornography from its early beginnings ( I remember when almost every other website was a porn website in 1997 or so. ), but now the internet is filled with uninspiring websites like YouTube and MySpace. Those two, most popular website of our age, is actually the most useless. Sites like wikipedia, craiglists, and slashdot are legitimate information hub and are the shining star of what the internet can do for humanity. Yet, the attention they draw from young consumers is nothing compared to those other idiotic websites.