what is privacy


There was a discussion on slashdot about “social networks” and privacy. Some people pointed out that old taboo of putting too much “personal” information online that can harm your chances of landing a job. Although I do acknowledge the veracity of that statement, I feel that in my case, I rather my employer knows everything about me before they hire me. I feel that complete honestly would foster a healthy work environment and an enduring partnership. I feel that whenever I “submit” a resume, I have demoted myself to being an employee. But if an employer can see me for who I am and what I can bring to the table, there is a better chance that I can be a “partner” in success rather than just a worker bee.

  • ivy

    totally see your point of view, but remember this: they can use your information against you. ur personal info pretty much tells ur personality and if one day, for instance, you suddenly chose to be lazy at work or forgot to do certain things to meet the deadline, ur employer can sue you for being negligence. well i don’t know about you but that’s the kind of business i’m in. everyday is dangerous. but then i have myspace and my employer knows. damn it. haha.
    btw, what the hell? i must answer correctly to post a comment? I said Ivy is her lord and i was wrong?? and i forgot what color is a pepsi can. damn it vinh. haha