black on black killings


I found this news article on Yahoo! today and it blew me out of the water: Where’s the outrage over black-on-black killings?

I have always thought about this every time I hear news stories about cops killing “black” people. It makes my blood curl to see countless numbers of black leaders come out of the woods detesting these “murders”. To me, it always seem like they rushed to a conclusion. I have always felt that their actions spurred more hatred, segregation, and fear than anything else. Never have I felt that their actions brought home a message of peace or equality. More likely, they preached a message of ignorance and prejudice.

I am not saying that there is no “racism” or that there are no “racist” police officers, however, I just feel that before labeling someone a “racist”, you have to show PROOF. Just as you expect a police officer to show undoubted truth over why they used their guns, you must show undoubted proof that the police officer is “racist” before you scream your head off about it.

This news article brings up some interesting points about this argument, and it has added weight because it comes from the perspective of a “black” man. I am glad to see that I am not the only person who wonders about these things.