good work derek


This is a picture of my buddy Susan taken by Derek. It makes her look amazing. ( Although she does look good normally too :lol: ) This photo brings out a lot of colors and an awkward expression that just seems so life like. When I look at this photo it reminds me of the first time Susan spoke Vietnamese to me. She’s tricky, easy to surprise you when you least expect it. This is Susan after the alcohol, looking out from the Susan before alcohol. Anyways, good work Derek.

I can’t remember if I already written about this, but I need to mention that the bathroom at my work is probably one of the best places to work. It’s warm in there, and it’s the only place at my job where my pants can be off and no one would care. It’s not like I like being naked or anything, its just that on cold days, walking into the warm bathroom can be a relief. Besides, it’s usually extremely quiet and nobody really drops a bomb in there anyways. If my boss let me, I would move my desk into the bathroom and work next to the sink. :lol: