nudity on flickr

I was browsing flickr today and I am starting to notice there is a lot of nudity on there. A breast here, a darken butt there, and scantily clad women everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, being a man and all, I love a little T&A every chance I get :), but on flickr??? I find that kind of offensive.

I understand that flickr address a global market, and that people around the world are very “used” to nudity and stuff, but come on, flickr?

What if I am a parent? I wouldn’t feel right if my kid was looking at flickr and pictures of naked girls keep coming up.

What If I am at work, like right now, what the hell am I suppose to say if my boss walks by? Or worse, one of my co-workers? They will think I am some kind of pervert. (which I wont deny :lol: ).

My point is, flickr should not be about nudity. I enjoy the photographs I see on there, and I can do without all that nakedness.

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