ProtectMyID sucks

So after the Target breach, I signed up for the free credit monitoring service they offered: ProtectMyID.

Since then, I have opened a credit card, and brought into use a credit card I have not used in months. I think I also closed an account and changed the credit limit on another…

No alerts from ProtectMyID….

How the hell is this service supposed to protect anyone, if they can’t even pick up simple shit like that. Weaksauce.

Rant Technology

Yahoo mail is terrible

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail the last couple of days, and that shit is so terrible, I had to write this blog post about it.

1. It’s slow as snail — Something is definitely wrong with the javascript engine on yahoo mail. Clicking between folders is significantly laggy and sometimes it just bugs out and won’t load

2. Mail delivery and receiving is not instant — I’ve had mail that did not arrive for over 10 minutes. WTF… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this on any other mail program I’ve used.

3. The default font is like 7pt. What the hell.

4. Spam filtering is bonkers — They put half of my mail in spam. I keep marking things as not spam, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

5. Why the fck do they keep asking me to create a public profile?? — This is like that whole G+ fiasco. I just wanted to change the name on my email, but I could not do it until I signed up for their public profile.

Stop using Yahoo Mail. It’s terrible.


If you don’t drink you’re a pussy

Drinking alcohol is a human social experience that I do not understand.

I can drink at most 2 beers, or other alcoholic equivalence of that. But even then, I find the feeling of drinking alcohol to be very discomforting. I get nauseated, I don’t like the feeling of losing control of my senses, and feeling just sick in general.

It amazes me how much people can drink. It amazes me more how much people crave drinking, and how drinking is an absolutely normal part of the human experience and an essential part of enjoyment and entertainment.

Every culture, every country, every nationality has alcohol and drinking is a crucial part of social bonding and celebration.

Because of this, I often feel like an outsider at social events. I can pretend to enjoy alcohol, but in my mind, it’s like ingesting a poison to pacify peer pressure.

I don’t understand when in human society did alcohol consumption become a necessary adaptation. It’s perhaps just as important, or more important, than having the ability to shake hands, smile, and chit-chat with fellow human beings.

Sometime I wonder if we co-evolved with alcohol, and that some how it is essential to the survival of the human body, so that is why most people have a craving and desire for it. If that is the case, my DNA is some how screwed up and I lost that trait.

I don’t begrudge people for drinking. It’s like my obsession with crawfish, I am sure some people will find that very strange. But I have begun to increasingly notice that drinking often leads to some very bad decisions.

The one clear bad decisions that I have watched countless people make, after drinking, is driving intoxicated. I know, I know. We’ve all been educated about the dangers of driving drunk, but you would have to be lying if you tell me that you’ve never had friends or family drive while clearly intoxicated.

Yes… When I do witness such events, I always offer my advice and help, but there it is not easy to convince someone that they have had too much. They will ALWAYS tell you they are fine.

It’s easy to intervene if that person is a close friend, but it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do anything for anyone else. I am not a praying man, but I have on numerous occasion prayed that the person I am asking to not drive, just make it home ok.

The other thing I don’t understand is why people drink around their family members. I understand and can sympathize with drinking around friends and having some great drunken fun, but why would you want to be ass drunk around your mom?

Anyways. Just some thoughts from a pussy who can’t drink.


Gun Control

I am not really for gun control. Mainly because I think the NRA has tricked so many Americans into believing that guns are a necessity to live like it’s food and water. Taking guns away from these people would be a nightmare for our society. If we want to do that, it would take years of re-education. If it works, people would naturally just not stockpile guns anymore. And if they do own guns for legitimate purposes like protection and sport hunting, then hopefully we’d have facilities like the DMV to properly train and license them.

But stories like this is why I do not support people who thinks arming everyone is the solution. These are trained police officers, but look at how many fucking bullets they put into two innocent latina women’s car while on a manhunt for a big black guy! The same shit happened in NY city a couple of months ago.

If even trained police officers can not use their guns properly. No rednecks with a gun is going to save humanity from the next mass shooting.


Google Nexus 4 Camera sucks

I got my google nexus 4 phone about a month ago. I have two complaints.

1. The battery life is terrible. Absolutely terrible. It can not last more than 1 hour of use. I would go to the mall with my wife, and stand around playing on my phone while she shops. By the end of the trip, which usually lasts about an hour, the phone is already drained.

2. The camera is terrible. I noticed this when I was trying to take a picture of my check for mobile deposit. It took me several tries to get the check in focus enough to read the print on the check face. I can see that it does focus, but to focus it, you’d have to stand still holding your breath in a very precise direction.

I honestly do not care too much for phone-camera quality. But even with my cheap Samsung Exhibit II phone, the camera took crisp and clear pictures without fuss. Same with the iPhone. But with this camera, the pictures just comes out really blurry and it’s hard not to notice.

Sometimes I just want to whip out my phone and capture something quickly. But because of how bad the picture quality of the phone is, it has become a real hassle.


Phil Mickelson 63% tax rate

So in the last couple of days there has been a lot of buzz about golfer, Phil Mickelson’s threat to leave California because of our tax rate.

He casually claimed that his tax rates will be somewhere close to 63% percent.

I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was probably just blowing off steam, so he just pulled that magic number, 63, out of his ass. We all do that in casual conversation.

I am completely fine with it. I am also completely fine with him bitching about his taxes. It’s his right to do so, and he can move where ever he’d like. He’s got plenty of money to do it.

But what I CANNOT stand is how every freaking news outlet is repeating his 63% quote like it’s the truth.

This really pisses me off because there is no way in hell he is paying 63% tax. No one pays 63% tax, unless you have the most incompetent accountant on earth. In fact, most of the analyst I’ve read put the number at least 10 points lower than that.

But freak, it really irritates me that anyone can just go on a soapbox, say some random bullshit, and it will be parroted across the national media like it’s scientific fact.

Politics Rant

Sin Taxes: Cigarettes Tax and Soda Tax

It seems that nothing unites people of differing political views more than when local city governments tries to ban or impose a tax on consumer goods.

Two recent examples:

– Bloomberg’s New York ban on oversized soda
– California’s proposed tax on cigarettes

What bothers me about these situations is that people always argue that personal freedom is at stake. But in my opinion, in these scenarios, personal freedom is already at stake.

Companies who make these products, through their marketing, spend billions of dollars every year attacking your personal freedom. They figure out what makes you tick psychologically. They know what color makes you hungry. They know what time you came home from work. They know what you eat for dinner. They know what you watch on TV. And they use all of that to advertise to you.

Sure.. go ahead… you can pretend like you are better than everyone else and delude yourself into believing that it does not affect you. Or you can even cling to the false notion that “you” still make your own choices.

But beyond you, in society as a whole, we are all victims. Think about it. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and your choices weren’t “Coke” or “Pepsi”. Starbucks Coffee anyone?

I am not saying it’s a terrible life. I am not even arguing that there is a better alternative. Honestly I love starbucks, for their restrooms and convenience.

But please, don’t bullshit me and pretend like a “soda tax” or a ban on large sodas would be the first time someone infringe on your personal freedom. We’re all so far up corporate America’s ass, I don’t think many of us know what personal freedom is.

Case and point. When California first proposed the tax on cigarrettes, a majority of Californian supported the measure. Then tabacco companies spent millions of dollars on TV ads. Guess what? The measure lost.

So what happened there? Did people exercised their personal freedom to watch and believe TV ads? Is that what personal freedom is… the freedom to be persuaded by whoever spends the most money on ads? Really?


Bad UI: BMW 328i cupholders

I am starting a new section where I bitch about shitty designs. Bad UI (User Interface).

My BMW 328i handled great, and looked good. But it had one problem that plagued me for all of it existence.

The damn cupholders.

They hang RIGHT in front of the passenger seat. And unless you are a tiny tiny tiny human child, your knees will easily bump into them.

For the two years I owned the BMW 328i, I have spilled two full cups of coffee because of this terrible design.

It’s painful watching my beautiful dashboard and leather get covered in coffee…

Secondly, it is pretty difficult to place your cup back into this floating cupholder when you are driving causing for a dangerous scenario when “drinking” (hot coffee) and driving.

BMW needs to demote the guy who thought this was a good idea.

Ps. I am well aware this belongs to #firstworldproblems.


How not to spend your startup money

The last company I worked for, we had these funny looking chairs.

I didn’t think they were particularly comfortable or anything, just different.

Today I realize they are the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

That’s an $800 chair.

I am not sure why the people at my company at the time thought it necessary to spend $800 on a chair, but I could think of a bazillion other uses for that money.


McDonalds Coffee

I find it funny that at McDonalds, the default for their coffee is WITH sugar and cream.

Maybe it is just the McDonalds I go to.

But yesterday was the first time I asked for no sugar and no cream. I had never thought of asking this before, before usually the baristas at Starbucks and Peet ask me if I want sugar and cream.

I don’t think I ever been to a coffee place where they just automatically put sugar and cream in without asking…

Anyways. I have nothing against McDonalds really. I just think it’s so stereotypical that McDonalds would be the one place to make even coffee fatty.