Bad UI: BMW 328i cupholders

I am starting a new section where I bitch about shitty designs. Bad UI (User Interface).

My BMW 328i handled great, and looked good. But it had one problem that plagued me for all of it existence.

The damn cupholders.

They hang RIGHT in front of the passenger seat. And unless you are a tiny tiny tiny human child, your knees will easily bump into them.

For the two years I owned the BMW 328i, I have spilled two full cups of coffee because of this terrible design.

It’s painful watching my beautiful dashboard and leather get covered in coffee…

Secondly, it is pretty difficult to place your cup back into this floating cupholder when you are driving causing for a dangerous scenario when “drinking” (hot coffee) and driving.

BMW needs to demote the guy who thought this was a good idea.

Ps. I am well aware this belongs to #firstworldproblems.

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