Gun Control

I am not really for gun control. Mainly because I think the NRA has tricked so many Americans into believing that guns are a necessity to live like it’s food and water. Taking guns away from these people would be a nightmare for our society. If we want to do that, it would take years of re-education. If it works, people would naturally just not stockpile guns anymore. And if they do own guns for legitimate purposes like protection and sport hunting, then hopefully we’d have facilities like the DMV to properly train and license them.

But stories like this is why I do not support people who thinks arming everyone is the solution. These are trained police officers, but look at how many fucking bullets they put into two innocent latina women’s car while on a manhunt for a big black guy! The same shit happened in NY city a couple of months ago.

If even trained police officers can not use their guns properly. No rednecks with a gun is going to save humanity from the next mass shooting.

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