How to get Google Apps for free

Note: This post is about how to get google’s business productivity suite — not google play apps. If you are here for Google Play apps, you’re in the wrong place, sorry.

A while back, google shut down their Google Apps Standard tier account. It was a great service that allowed you to easily mange services for your domain — mainly email — for free. It was a really sad announcement, because there are no similar free alternatives, until I learned that you can still get it for free, and here is how.


  1. Sign up for google AppEngine
  2. Create an app (or use an existing if you already have appengine)
  3. Go to the app’s manage page, under “Administration » Application Settings”
  4. Then find “Add Domain”
  5. Then click “Sign up for Google Apps Standard” (refer to screenshot)

There you go, free google apps standard. I hear they limit you to one user account, but that is still better than nothing.