Google Nexus 4 Camera sucks

I got my google nexus 4 phone about a month ago. I have two complaints.

1. The battery life is terrible. Absolutely terrible. It can not last more than 1 hour of use. I would go to the mall with my wife, and stand around playing on my phone while she shops. By the end of the trip, which usually lasts about an hour, the phone is already drained.

2. The camera is terrible. I noticed this when I was trying to take a picture of my check for mobile deposit. It took me several tries to get the check in focus enough to read the print on the check face. I can see that it does focus, but to focus it, you’d have to stand still holding your breath in a very precise direction.

I honestly do not care too much for phone-camera quality. But even with my cheap Samsung Exhibit II phone, the camera took crisp and clear pictures without fuss. Same with the iPhone. But with this camera, the pictures just comes out really blurry and it’s hard not to notice.

Sometimes I just want to whip out my phone and capture something quickly. But because of how bad the picture quality of the phone is, it has become a real hassle.

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