mr pham


Whenever I am driving in my little car, and the music is on loud, I can briefly close my eyes to day dream about what life could be. In my day dream I am sitting on leather seats in my brand new BMW M3. I am wearing an expensive dry cleaned suit. My hair is gelled up and I got my stunna shades on. I am going somewhere important. Somewhere that people are anxiously awaiting my arrival. Sometimes I am just on my way home to see my girl, because we been apart for so long. Sometimes I am on my way to a business meeting where I will be handing down decisions that will be worth millions of dollars. When I arrive at my destination, there is a parking spot reserved for me right in front. I pulled in quickly, step out of my ride and press the lock button. The cars goes “beep” and the headlight winks slightly. I shove my hands in my pants pocket and off I go into a big building with darkened glass windows. A pretty young woman sits at the big marbled receptionist desk with a phone to her ear. At my arrival shes politely puts down the phone, stands up and utter in a sweet sexy voice, “Good Morning Mr. Pham, Bill Gates is waiting for you on line 2”.

Yep… That is what goes on in my head when you are not looking. :wink: