teacher goes to jail


I stumbled on this today, and I just could not believe it. Being someone who is always around young teachers, this story really sparked my interest. I have not heard of this case on the news, and that surprises me. But anyways, this story is absolute amazing.

Teacher goes to jail over pornography

Being a computer veteran, and a ‘pornographic viewer’ for a good portion of my life, I must say that these charges are ludicrous. Unless they can prove without a doubt that this woman intentionally opened all the porn sites and was jerking off in class while her student watched, the claims made here are absolutely crazy.

Here are my arguments:

1) I believe her when she said she doesn’t know how to turn off the monitor. You have NO IDEA how many people still ask me to fix their monitor thinking it’s their computer.

2) Clicking ‘close’ will actually OPEN more spyware. If you ever get a spyware or an ad popping up on your computer, click on the X will actually open up more spyware for you. A lot of spyware have tricky buttons that looks like close buttons, but they are used to load even more malicious programs

3) Once an adware is installed, it is not easy to remove. Virus scanners DO NOTHING to protect you against a spyware or adware. Closing it, does not remove it. You can close it all you want, but it will be there when you turn your computer on again.

4) Just because the domain name sounds good, it does not mean the website is good. The website whitehouse .com used to be a pornographic website. I remember stumbling on to it once when I was looking for whitehouse.gov. The point is, most people are unaware that the seemingly innocent sites they are visiting, could be malicious.

Anyways, I cannot tell you if this woman is innocent or not. All I can say is that it is VERY VERY VERY easy for someone to get trapped in this nightmare if they are not familiar with computer technology.