as the world turns


Today on NPR they had the mayors of two US cities talking about how they tried so hard to court Toyota to build a plant in their city. While US automobile companies are paying $100K to their employees to leave the job, Japanese companies are getting the red carpet treatment from US workers. In a related story, a professor did a study and said that California workers actually benefit from illegal immigrants because illegals allow them educated citizens to hold better higher paying jobs. Uneducated citizens however still get paid less.

The ideas presented in these two stories are very ironic.
First, Americans are always complaining that they are loosing their jobs because it is being sent over seas, yet they are the ones courting for jobs from offshore companies. On another note, getting $100K to quit your job?? :roll: Ok Ok, I know that getting $100K is not enough to cover the misfortune of loosing a company you dedicated your entire life to, but lets be honest, $100K is a lot of money you can use to begin a new life.
Second, people get all upset because they blame illegal immigrants for stealing their jobs and bringing crime to America. That’s a load crap in my opinion. Another study I heard yesterday said that as the population of immigrants risen in the past few years, the number of crimes has actually decreased! In fact, the study also pointed out that as immigrants become more American (ie. their children ) their frequency of committing crimes actually increases. So lets look at some of the facts: 1) immigrants do the dirty work so educated Americans can have better paying jobs 2) they do not commit any crimes, so the question is, why are we so hostile to them?? :roll:

Go figure.