the sky is falling


Ok, not really, but the stock market is… So what should you do?? buy buy buy. :lol: You know that old adage, “buy low, sell high”, well what better time to buy low than when prices are plummeting? You can rest assured that the American ego, and American greed will bring the prices swinging back like a boomerang. Don’t know which one to buy? Try buying some of the big shots who are getting a blow from the last few days of activity: Caterpillar Inc. Exxon Mobil Corp. Cisco Systems Inc. 8)

They say that the reason for all these activities is because of the China market. Can you imagine that? People are always saying that China is becoming the next world power, well here is proof for anyone who still thinks otherwise. Kind of strange don’t you think? In a country where you cannot visit certain websites because of their communist government, the financial decisions of their citizens are impacting the world’s economy.

Good grief.

I hope China doesn’t become the next world power. Their history of censorship, lack of human rights, and environmental carelessness freaks me out. Yes yes yes, many of you will be quick to point out that the US is not doing any better, and there will be some of you crazy flag burners who will argue that the US is actually worse, but my point is, we need a balance. Too much of anything, is never a good thing.