Viet Nam is doing big thangs


I try to get away from the landscape photos, but sometimes a landscape photo is just so stunning you can’t avoid it.

Vietnam is coming up

It’s good to see that Viet Nam is beginning to break to emerge as a player in the world’s market. I keep hearing about how Vietnam will be the next India. Although it ain’t much, it sure beats being hungry and dead. When I make some disposable income, I am going to invest it in my people. I will try to invest it in a way that it will preserve the natural resources of my homeland and our vibrant culture.

I heard it only cost like $100 a month to hire a Vietnamese programmer, so in the next couple days I am going to try and find a Vietnamese programmer and hire them. $100 is like one day of salary for me. I will be doing two good things. 1) I will have someone to help me put my crazy crazy crazy ideas into production 2) It will give this person a job. 8)