experiment gone awry


The other day, while I was browsing the net I found a guy who claims he was making like $500 a month doing adsense firefox referrals. Being the go-getter idiot that I am, I decided I have to try it because it doesn’t seem that hard. So off I went experimenting with the idea and now approximately 5 days later I am down almost $200 dollars. I have only managed to make $45 dollars. I have referred about 100 people to firefox, yet I haven’t been getting paid that $1 rate they state. It’s driving me nuts, but I have a feeling I am getting better at it everyday. I am learning how to use keywords properly, and how to properly bid for per click prices. I am hoping that in the next few days I will be able to turn a profit. Or at least make up my losses. :lol:

Wish me luck!