best morning of my life


I won the lottery!!!! Ok, not really. I was watching that trucker guy hold his big check and I thought I saw myself hold it, but it wasn’t me because I didn’t even buy a ticket.

But anyways, I don’t need to win the lottery to have the best morning of my life. :wink: I have great friends, a good family, and a loving (debatable) girlfriend. 8)

I am kind of out of words this morning, but yea I am happy. :)

Oh I forgot to gripe!! I think its hilarious that people start going crazy when the lottery gets big. It’s almost as if people are saying… oh, I don’t really want 50MIL… wake me up when its gets to 300MIL cus then it would be worth it. What a joke. I think I would be just as excited to win $1000 from a scratcher as I would be winning the largest lottery in history.