I would not make a good matyr


Because I hate confrontations. I hate the idea of pointing out problems or my dislikes to someone I don’t completely trust. It makes me feel vulnerable and childish. But today I had to do it. You see, my boss, he always makes comments that I find offensive. He would say things like “Christians are brainwashed” and “He thinks he’s Jesus Christ, telling people he’s going to save the world.” There are not many things in life that I am sensitive about, but when it comes to God, I don’t tolerate blasphemy. Atheist? ok, I respect your choice, but talking smack about my beliefs, that’s a big no no. Anyways, normally I would write a letter, drop it off and then have a get away driver ready to whisk me away so that I would not have to be confrontational, but this time, my girlfriend wouldn’t let me do that (She wouldn’t be my get away driver). She insisted that I let my boss know how I feel, before quitting or getting upset and doing something destructive. So I did. I mustered up the galls to confront my boss. It was not the easiest thing to do, but I did it. I admit it, I prayed for the strength to do it. 8) Funny thing is, when I did it, my boss turned it around on me. He was offended that I thought he was discriminating. He says he spent his entire life being discriminated so he would be the last person to discriminate. He then went on to tell me that I am too sensitive and I need to be more relax and roll with the punches because life is tough. He says thats what he teaches his sons.
Although I have deep respect for him because he is a successful and easy going person, I find his advice disagreeable. At this point in my life, young and stupid, I do not feel like I have to kiss anybody ass or put up with anything I do not like. I am not middle aged, married with 3 kids and have no choice. I am an ambition young person who can do just about anything, so I can’t care less about fitting into the “social box” or learning to be obedient. I will be obedient when I choose. I will be obedient when my mind tells me that I am doing the right thing. But when I feel I have to make a stance for myself, I refuse to stand obediently.
But anyways, after talking with him, he assured me that he was not trying to be discriminatory. He told me that he was not aware that he was doing it, and he does not want me to feel that way. He stop short of apologizing or admitting he did anything wrong. Although I am not completely satisfied with his response, at least I know that I already told him how I feel. I will give it “a second chance”, but I am glad that I have made my position clear. So now, if the atmosphere does not change. I will walk right out the door and he would know exactly why.