wiping your butt


The other day I came up with a brilliant idea on how to make lots of money, FAST! I ran the idea by my girlfriend and I was hugely hugely hugely disappointed (trust me, I was so excited thinking about the idea when I was driving). My idea was basically to build a network of friends who will download softwares to benefit from Google Ad Referrals. It is completely legal because we are indeed trying out the products. To me, the plan was fail proof. All you had to do was download and try a software and tell all your friends to do the same. It’s simple, easy, and involves no investment. You can potentially make up to $300+ with a little effort.
Uyen basically told me that it wasn’t going work. She says that she would never download a program if someone told her to, so most people wouldn’t either. I was flabbergasted! To be honest, I was pissed at her for being so “simple minded” and not buying into my simple simple plan. I told her she was wrong and that all my friends will download a program if I told them to and they will join me in making tons of money.
Boy was I wrong. I CANNOT believe how f@#Ck5N “unmotivated” (for lack of a better word that is not a curse word) people are. Asking someone to download a software that I recommend (remember, I am a computer expert, people come to me to fix their computer problems) was like pulling teeth. Even knowing that they would help me raise two dollars, some people still would not do something so so so so so simple. I am at a lost for words. Ho ( my friend, not a hooker ) said I am too “optimistic”. I guess.
So my point is: if it did not stink so much, people would probably be too “unmotivated” to wipe their own ass. :x