alien invasion


I heard on NPR today a story that makes me cringe. I believe this was in Wisconsin. So basically, the government there enforced stricter illegal immigration laws, so what happens? Illegal immigrants didn’t come to do the farm work there. So now they say there are fields of pumpkins and chili peppers rotting away because no one would pick them. Freaking ridiculous, and people are telling me that immigrants are taking their jobs? BS, if you really believe so, go to Wisconsin and work the fields so those vegetation wouldn’t get wasted.

Then, whats even worst is that now they are suggesting to hire prisoners form the local prison to work the fields. I just can’t believe that! People have said that they don’t like illegal immigrants because they are criminals ( which is not true. ) But now to solve that problem they hire REAL criminals to do the work. Freaking ridiculous. You incriminate people who have not committed a single crime, yet you allow real criminals to do the work??

Funny part is, the farmer said the prisoners aint that good at the field work, so he’ll have to waste time training them. :roll: