history is more exciting


I went to watch 300 at the IMAX theater in sac the other day. What a rip off. $15 dollars a ticket ( so $30 total ) + $5 atm fee because their credit card system was not working. + $9 for parking + $5 dollars for getting more money out of the ATM to pay for paying + tripping and falling because the ground was wet. The worse part was getting yelled at by my girlfriend for not listening to her and getting money earlier. :lol:

They said the screen was 6-story high, BS! Unless you are a horbit, ain’t no way you can fit a 6-story building on that screen. Secondly, the movie was only shown in the middle, about 6 feet on top and bottom were cut off. IMAX my arse!

The movie itself, well I actually saw a history channel special on this movie before I saw it. I must say that the history channel recollection of the war was much more interesting. They actually talked about the controversies surrounding the war and the different techniques and innovation that made the war the way it was. The movie told a twisted story that reminded me of Kill Bill.

It wasn’t a bad movie per se, but I think it would have been more interesting if they stuck to history. This reminds me of how contestants on American Idol always try to add their own flavor to the songs. In the end they ruin the song and they sound terrible. This movie was somewhere the same.