the war in Iraq


I never read news about Iraq because it seems like its the same old shit everyday. I hear about it on NPR everyday. Car bomb here, people shot there, etc… etc… But today the titled “schoolgirl dead” made me click on a link and I saw this picture. :|

I am no medical doctor, but I am pretty sure bleeding out of your neck is NOT good. Can’t help but feel bad for this little girl and that boy. He looks as if his brain was damaged and he is not functioning correctly. The scary thing about the photo is that guy standing there, almost unemotional, as if this is something he sees everyday. Bleeding children is not something you should get “used” to.

People complain and they protest and they want the troops out of Iraq, but I can’t imagine how that is possible if this is going on everyday. I also often think about what I can do to help those people. But somehow the routines of my daily life always make my efforts seem so distant. Should I go out and protest? Should I sit back and donate money? Should I join the army? Or should I sit here silently and just pray for the best?

War. It’s no fun. :roll: