This is why I am hot


For some reason, this morning NPR had George Bush news conference on. I tried to listen to a couple minutes of it, but with most Bush talk, I was immediately disgusted that this man is the leader and representative of our country. He uttered a whole lot of nonsense and seemed very patronizing to the reporters. I cannot imagine how these Harvard and Princeton educated intellectuals manage to put up with him if I, a normal citizen, cannot even listen to five minutes of him talking.

I then did something I don’t do normally, I flip to the hip-hop station to catch up on the latest tunes. Funny thing was, the song “This is Why I am Hot” came on. It made me laugh because someone told me that this song is ridiculous because it uses a lot of “circular reasoning”. Circular Reasoning is define as “an attempt to support a statement by simply repeating the statement in different or stronger terms.” So when he says “I am hot, cus I am fly” and “you ain’t cus you not” he is just using circular reasoning.

Ok here is the funny part. I got sick of the hip-hop and I switched back to Bush. Then after several minutes of listening to Bush, I realized that OUR PRESIDENT uses circular reasoning too!!! He would simply rebut what the reporter say by repeating them, or he would give support for his actions by simply stating that he’s doing it because it’s the right thing to do. He really does not give a good argument supporting or defending his ideas, he just uses a lot of circular reasoning. Hilarious. I still cannot believe he won a second term. :lol:

  • ur girlfriend

    maybe he should put out a record, he’ll "sell millions saying nothing on the track"

  • henry

    In my view, Bush has never ceased to chase his tail from the get go. Take the escalation of the war in Iraq for instance. He says we need more funding to protect the troops. He put those troops there to begin with, which was a big mistake in of itself. Now he wants to solve the problem by an escalation of a mistake. He says if the Democrats cut funding, there will be blood on their hands because they will have put the troops’ lives at risk. Who got us into this mess to begin with? Who has blood on his hands? Of course it’s Bush himself.

    The weirdest thing is that Democrats don’t really make a big effort in trying to trip Bush in the web of his own lies and deception.

    It’s pretty easy to predict what’s going to happen in Iraq. Things will keep getting worse and worse. Bush will leave office in 2008. Somebody else will have no choice but to make the decision to pull our troops out of Iraq. And Bush in looking to pursue some kind of legacy, will pin the failure in Iraq on whoever makes that decision to pull out.