cheap gas


I freaking hate people who drives out of their way just to get cheap gas, or will only buy Arco gas because its cheap. Here is an interesting story found on Yahoo that supports my claim.

Think about it, if you have a 20 gallon tank ( which is huge, most cars have 12 ) you will only be saving $1 or $2 dollars by driving out of your way to get cheaper gas. For example, if gas station A has Chevron for $3.50 and gas station B has Arco for $3.40, you may THINK you are saving yourself a bundle, but in reality you are saving 10 cents per gallon. Meaning your 20 gallon tank is only saving you $2 freaking dollars!! Not freaking worth it to drive out of your way for it. In fact, in the article, it says that driving out of your way could actually burn up more gas than you save in money.

I admit it, I used to try and find “cheap” gas too, until I realized searching for cheap gas never saved me more than $5. Whats the f@cking point?? :x