wireless internet scam


I haven’t written in a while. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say, in fact, it’s because I have too much to say. When I have too much in my mind, they jam up, and nothing comes out. Well today, I found a topic that I can just b1tch about and will not require much thinking.

So yea, its about “stealing” wireless internet. People are always so anal about protecting their wireless internet service passwords, without having a clue what they are doing. Here are reasons why people use passwords and why I think its complete stupidity:

1) They think it will protect them from hackers – If a hacker can use your wireless network to steal your personal information, I am pretty damn sure he can steal it from you WITH or WITHOUT a password. A wireless internet password is useless against someone who is skilled. Sh1t, even I may be able to hack one if I really wanted to. The more likely scenario is if a Virus gets into your router and infects you, but if that is allowed to happen, you need to beef up the security of your computer, not your wireless network.

2) People on my internet connection will make my internet slow – A normal internet user probably uses less than 5% of the speed alloted to them. Unless you are hoarding tons of p012n on limewire, chances are you will never see a difference if 20 people uses your wireless network versus just you alone. If you are up to the level of someone who is constantly downloading and uploading, you wouldn’t be stupid to use a wireless connection to begin with.

3) I will get charged if someone uses my wireless internet – No you don’t. You buy wireless and its there for you to use or not. It doesn’t cost anymore or any less. In fact, I think that the internet provider purposely spread rumors about protecting your wireless network JUST so that people would sign up with them. Imagine, if everyone was smart enough to share wireless internet connection, their subscription rate would drop dramatically. Of course this secret should NEVER get out.

4) I paid for it, so buzz of – Burn in hell. Seriously. People who are so selfish as to not share a wireless internet connection should just die.

I am always glad to hear plans to build city-wide wireless network. This is a great way to get internet connectivity out of the hands of the ISP. So anyways, next time you get all anal about your network, think twice about it, it really doesn’t make any sense.