the growth of stupidity


Let me begin this rant with a disclaimer: I do not claim to be smart, in fact, I think I am pretty stupid. I spend countless hours in my day writing a blog no one reads. But here is what really annoys me about people.

Common Human Scenario:
Guy buys a digital camera. Takes pictures with very bad lighting and using wrong settings. Pictures looks like crap and he bought the wrong cable so it took him hours to get the picture to his computer. He gets all pissed and tell all his friends the camera suck.
Camera has great features and takes great pictures if you use it correctly. It is the easiest to transport to your computer.

This is a pretty plain example, but this is how mis-information is spread. People don’t get all the facts, and they already have inputs about the subject. This happens ALL the time. It happens with products, food, political events, and even with people.

I know for a fact that I do this to people alot, it is one of my worst qualities and its something I struggle to overcome. However, a lot of people are guilty of doing this to other aspects of their lives. Its too often I hear people make political, product, food decisions without exploring all the facts. This results in a society where fears, taboo, bigotry, and ignorance is abundant!!