I didn’t do it: Virgina Tech Shooting


That’s probably what this poor guy said when they handcuffed his ass and put him to the ground. In the forums, racist people are already blaming this incident on “foreigners”. This idea is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin criticizing it. I would hate to be an Asian living somewhere in the South right now because I bet uneducated idiots are probably lining the streets waiting for someone to blame (The same thing that happen after 911).

There is also a lot of talk about how if people were allowed to carry guns, this would have never happened. Although this is an interesting point of view, I doubt having more guns would have helped anyone. But anyways, I don’t need to bicker about this point, I am pretty sure the media will drag this issue to death before the end of today.

I don’t know anyone at VTech, but I’d sure be sad if I did. Just imagining what it would be like if it happened at Davis already send shivers down my spine.

My prays to all those affected by this tragedy.