gooble google


Today I sent in a resume to Google. To be honest, I did not want to do it, but if I didn’t my girlfriend would be pissed.

The reason I don’t want to do it is because I feel like applying for Google is like applying to an Ivy League. You have to be a certain way, you have to push certain buttons, the words in your resume have to astronomically combine in some way to form a sequence of code which can be indexed by Google search engine. Ok, not really, but you get the point. Applying for Google makes me feel like I was in high school again and I am trying to get “in” with the cool kids. Shit, I rather start my own company and compete with Google. Too bad I have debt up to my eyeballs. 8)

I watched the commercial Google has about their job. It makes me wonder why I work in a small cubicle and going outside to breathe is a privilege.

Is it because Google has a lot of money so they can be more liberal with their work environment? Or is it because they are so liberal with their work environment that they became rich? It’s almost like asking, what came first, Google or the egg.. I mean job..? Regardless of what the answer is, I doubt it would be easy to convince the old folks who are CEO and President of big corporations to change their minds about work.

Anyways, it was so intimidating, I decided to down two beers before starting my cover letter. I decided if I was going to try for a hole in one, I may as well close my eyes and just shoot.

I wouldn’t be hurt if I don’t get a call back. I bet they get more resumes than the population in some third world countries. Oh yeah, I find the questionnaire that they had kind of lame. Come on now, it’s not hard to figure out what the “correct” answer is. No one in their right mind would volunteer to say that they are quiet, likes to work alone, and hate being in a team. :roll: At the team question I almost said I prefer to work alone. Cus in all honestly, I don’t have many good experiences working in a team. Almost anything that I consider a success, I did by myself. Well, except for DEM, that was a team effort. But that was a lot of headache too.

Oh well, whatever, Google pays me a pretty good wage already :wink: