the perfect work place


Yesterday I randomly met a Steven Loi from Him and his team are UCD Alumni, graphics designers/web programmers from Davis. I was very amazed by some of their work, and I was very impressed that they had their own business. It made me very envious, because I wish me and my friends had started our own business. :roll: But anywho, no point in crying over milk that never existed. Instead I am going to fantasize about what life would be like if I had my own business:

1) there would be fresh fruits and healthy snack everywhere so my employees could stay in shape
2) You can come and go any time you want, as long as you get your work done. This means that you may spend your weekends doing work you haven’t finished, but it also means any time you are hung over, you don’t have to drag your ass to work.
3) There will be a meeting every Monday morning and everyone can vent about what they like and don’t like and well try to fix that during the week
4) Work will be done in teams, like in a class, where you get in groups and work on things together.
5) There will absolutely be no cubicles. At most, the couches may be arranged in a square formation to signify your team’s area. :P
6) Everyone will be issued a phone and laptop so that you can take your work with you.
7) Unlike some companies who provide their employees with food, my company will not. The reason is, eventually everyone get sick of lunch buffet type food, so in order to keep your lunch interesting, bring your own or go out.
8) ABSOLUTE NO BUSINESS CASUAL. NO tucking in your shirt. Actually, I will BAN dressing up for work. God, how I hate tucking in my shirts and slacks. :evil:
9) Once every three months the whole office will go out together, DURING business hours, and get paid for it. Office parties or outings that requires you to come during your off time is a pile of crap. You should never be required to come hang out with your co-worker unless you get paid.
10) Oh yeah, since you work in teams, your team will be paid bonus if your work generate good revenue for the company.
11) There will be no “worker” in my company. I am not going to hire an illegal or non-english speaker and treat them like they are the company’s mule. If I hire anyone, legal or illegal, english or not, I will treat them like they are one of my most important employees. I find it sickening that so many companies have “worker” employees who are treated like slaves. They have to do all the grunt work, while the white-collar people get to sit around in air conditioned office collecting the big paycheck. Of course people who are less qualified and are doing manual labor, will be paid less, but just because they are paid less, does not mean I will treat them like their are sub-class worker. Everyone will be treated with the same respect, whether they are the janitor, or the Vice President.
12) That brings up my next requirement. Like a household, there will be chores assigned to everyone. Everyone will be required to clean, organized, or maintain a certain aspect of the office. No one is excused from the work.
13) No one will have to ask for a raise. Every six months every employees gets a review. If they can prove that they are more important to the company, they will be considered for a raise.
14) Naps – yes, like in Europe. There will be hammocks and comfortable couches if you want to take a nap.
15) Employees will be encouraged and paid to take classes to extend their knowledge. In fact, any employees who does not want to continue learning wouldn’t be hired. Eventually any employee who wants to branch out and start their own business, will get support from the management and will become business partners.

Anyways, I am done for now. I am not sure what my company will do ( people always ask me this when I tell them I want to start a company ). Maybe we will sell lightbulbs or something, who knows. But the point is, the work place will be fun and inspiring. None of this, your shirt in your pants, come in by 8, cram your lunch down your throat in 30 minutes, don’t leave before 5, and be sure to come to the company’s picnic where you have to pretend to laugh at the bosses corny ass jokes bullshit. :D