have you heard about Darfur?


I haven’t. Well, at least not until recently. Apparently hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered there in a modern day Genocide. :cry:

I feel pretty stupid for only hearing about it now, when it has been going on for years. Some how even though I listen to the news everyday, I managed to zone out anything about Darfur. Either that or the media is completely ignoring the atrocities committed in this place so no one really knows about it.

I am surprised and disguised that Iraq is such a big sticking point in politics, yet this catastrophe in Darfur is being ignored. Ignored is perhaps not the correct word for this, but it’s definitely not given enough attention and resources.

I am ashamed that I myself have not heard of this crisis, so I am writing this entry in the hope that anyone who comes here can become aware of this issue as well.