Stock market going up and up

<*******. I don’t feel any richer, do you? Can an economist tell how this is possible? I this due to inflation or are we really tapping into unused resources? I didn’t think there were any “unused” resources left in this world. With all the environmental issues, global warming, and rampant foreclosures, I thought that the economy was supposed to slow down or at least stay still. But so far the economy seems to be surging ahead. You know, too much of a good thing is always bad. I wonder if all this record setting could be the undoing of the financial world.

  • trung

    We should had bought some Google stocks back when it was only 100 bucks.

  • Jerry

    I have the same concerns.

    I think a lot of the same concerns.
    Environmental isses are killing us.
    Global warming is a way for Al Gore to make money. yes earth is somewhat warmer, but so are the other planets….do you think the sun could have something to do with that?
    I am concerned about the market….I dont know who to believe right now…so I have pull out for a while.