Wong Fu Productions

Whenever I watch movies, I always feel very disconnected. Rarely does a movie invoke feelings in me, or causes me to feel sympathy for the characters. However, whenever I watch a Wong Fu Productions, ( you tube them ) I always get this calming sense of nostalgia.

My mind becomes flustered with imagery of me and my friends. I can see so clearly the days in high school when my heart beat violently at the sight of an unrequited crush, the overwhelming sense of adventure at the beginning of my college career, or those days when I sat with my friends in those dark coffee shops at night.

Perhaps its because the people in those videos look just like me, or perhaps the girls featured in those videos are just like the kind of girls I get butterflies for, or maybe its because their sappy, innocent, romantic comedy is like a screenplay of my life. Whatever it is, its nice to actually “feel” something for once. I guess this is why Starwars fans line up for days to watch the new releases. Maybe, like me, they see a little bit of themselves in those characters. Personally for me, I never a spec of myself in those things, so its nothing more to me than expensive theatric.

In the “Nice Guy” video there is a part when the girl said something similar to this “if you treat her the same as everyone else, how is she supposed to know she is any different to you.” This made me roll :lol: because that’s what Uyen said to me. I told her I was extra nice to her, but she countered all my nice gestures with “you would do that for anyone!”. Now I know that’s true. Perhaps, I am just another nice guy….. :roll: