Smoking pot

Although I have been very adamant about not smoking marijuana, I must admit that my views on marijuana have changed a lot in the last couple years.

I used to believe that smoking marijuana is absolutely bad, however, now I don’t really care if people do it. This change is due to a couple of factors:

1) marijuana is bad for you – shit, French fries are worst, yet we consume a gazillion of that shit everyday.
2) marijuana is a gateway drug – no… being a dumb ass is a gateway drug. if you are dumb enough to snort cocaine or shoot heroine, thats your own stupid fault, don’t blame marijuana.
3) marijuana is addictive – alcohol is addictive and yet everyone drinks it and drive around in their car. I have never heard one of my friends smoke marijuana and put someone else life in danger. I have heard plenty of my friends drank alcohol and drove home drunk.

I am not going to start toking up though for two simple reasons

1) I cant give my friends the satisfaction of saying “Haha, Vinh caved.” Not gonna happen
2) Most of the people who smoke marijuana are scums or criminals. Some people are normal, but most are scums and criminals who break the law just for the hell of it. I don’t want to be associated with scums. Maybe if one day marijuana is legalized and it gets sold in a more normal setting, like in a bar or something, then I would consider trying it, but for now, I will stay away from it.

If marijuana is legalized, those drug peddlers wont have a job. Maybe then, they will just die and fall off the face of the earth. Better for the rest of us.

  • James

    Hey! Just hanging out on google and found your entry thought I could put some thoughts down.

    I’ve been a daily marijuana smoker for about 8 months and i must say it has really opened me up to some experiences im sure i would never have had otherwise.

    Before I smoked any weed, I used to think much like you do. I never really thought it was bad for you and in fact I always saw it as part of a persons personality. As a musician i tended to surround myself with creative friends in high school. My closest friends were ones I jammed guitar with – and about 2/3 of them smoked pot.

    Once i hit college I began smoking for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have a lot of anxiety issues that had started to show up much more frequently. I noticed that I was much calmer during periods of smoking weed. Mentally, i was forced to slow down and enjoy spending time getting stoned and having conversations with friends – many of whom I picked up as a result of a common smoking spot we later affectionately named "the bench".

    My point is that whatever may happen as a result of using marijuana will never make the plant any more evil or good. To me, marijuana represents medicine and community – you’ll find a very different culture surrounding the pot-toking community than you will around alcohol or other such substances.

  • Dan

    I was much like you in high school too. I never even considered weed because I was raised with the notion that it will "ruin your life". Bullshit my friend, bullshit. When I got to college, I started using it recreationally, and I even regretted missing out on all the fun me and my pothead friends could have had in high school. Everything in moderation, the truest words ever spoken. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your school it can actually be worthwhile. Although I do respect your choice to not use it, I think that people should try everything if they really want to before dismissing it. The hippies got this one thing right, but damn their flower power!

  • david

    smoke weed snort yayo thizz

  • Smoker

    Hey guys… I found this this forum on google and wanted to put down a few things. I’ve been a daily weed smoker for about 5 years now. I started off in high school and really started smoking in college. It started when i believed people when they said tha marijuana is not addictive. Bullshit! If you ask me its one of the most addictive things ive done in my life and ive done a lot of shit. The first thing that came to my mind in the mornings when i opened my eyes was the weed in my car. My day started with wake and bake… and went to sleep with a blut in my mouth. Yeah its fun, its good, and it sure makes you feel good. Now i havent smoked for about few months. It came to a point where i had to stop. I’m a 25 year old business owner and i noticed that I cant go on like this anymore. It made me dumb, stupid and antisocial. Im in the medical business and I look at marijuana both from the medical point of view and as a drug. I felt like my life stoped for 5 years but the world didnt. I felt like i was 4 years behind life. I lost a lot… made may mistakes… said things should have said… did things i shouldnt have done. OH well im the type that doesnt regret anything in the past… but this is one thing that i look back and wonder where and how i would be today if i didnt dedicated my 5 years of life to mary jane… Nothing feels better than being sober… you think straight… your reaction is back… you dont put off things for tomorrow and the next day (true weed smokers would know what im talkin about). It felt good no questions about it but as far as me going that path again im done with it… I pick this life style over that one. I still smoke once in a while or so but not the way i used to…

  • Brent

    I myself have been smoking frequently for 1 year now. This may sound strange but marijuana acually improved my grades in school. On nights that I had hours of homework I would sit down and get high then do my work. I found myself more focused on what I needed to do. My GPA went from a 3.51 to a 4.14 in 2 months of smoking everyday. Marijuana is not addictive, however the feeling is. In my opinion if you work hard and do what you have to do then there is no problem with smoking pot

  • Anonymous

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  • Wolf

    Anonymous you’re a fucking douchebag! Do everyone a favor and go smoke a fatty. I agree with Brent. I’ve been smoking everyday for about 2 years now, and if you get your shit done you can still smoke weed as much as you want. It has helped me in school, and I don’t put everything off until the next day. And to the anonymous douche, go smoke a fatty, chill out, and stop hatin on people just because their opinion differs from your own, so fuck you, you FUCKING IDIOT!

  • Paola

    Haha hell yea i smoke weed everyday..yea it makes me lazy and eat like a animal..omg everything tastes sooo gooodd after smoking sum weed. But yea after reading articles about weed being more dangerous to your health than cigs, is really freaking me out. I and I thought it was safe..and yea anonymous your a dick!..enough said here

  • Here 2 Help

    You should kill yourself:)

  • unknown

    Anonymous, if I EVER see you on the streets, so help me."(exaggerated coughfff)"

  • matt

    You need to get your responsibiltys done before getting all stoned and such, its much more rewarding, and such.

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  • chetnik

    fuck all the critics, i started smoking ocasionaly, now since 6 monhts i smoke everyday, with taking a break for a week up to 2 weeks, then i smoke agian for 3 months , im still very motivated about life it helps me relex, it deacreses my agression and hatred, i go do my job 5x per week, working graveyard, and going school, with out being deppresed, it helped me move on and get over my ex girlfreind, which at time of break up i thought my life was coming to an end, to not give shit over her, becuase she did not deserve me, i have even more sexual appitaite, and don’t complain and enjoy life, i also feel more rested, and feel jsut good and confident! if more people would smoke herb the world would be a better place, i always smoke afterwork not before if i do it before its like 4 hours ahead, bythe time i just feel real well i love you mary jane,and open your eyes to the truth, be doomed propaganda gov is lying to you. free MJ!

  • Trinigyall

    Ya kno actualli i hav this presentation to do in school and its about whether or not smokin weed influences teenagers to have their performance in school drop or not, and reading these comments and feeling da way i feel, i think that smoking weed does not make yu do poorly in fact it actualli makes u concentrate alot easier in classes and doiin hmwrk..yea it helps alot…altho i kno some ppl whu jus knock da fukk out wen dey smoke jus depends on how yur body tolerates it…like dat brent guy..hes nah a fukkn idiot for sayin wha he sed…and dat anonymous person..yur da fukkn idiot dats jus being pigheaded …jus cuz u [prolly had a bad experience wid weed doesnt mean other ppls experiences are not good..and we fukkn idiots cuz we believe in dat shyt :s so before u call ppl a ‘fukkn idiot’ u shud realize this first..

    but anyway…if u play swimming, or soccer or track..den dont do it alot cuz it realli does slow yur performance down (N) dats da onli dwnfall on weed..other thn dat its ah natural herb, grown from mother take advantage of it and use it not fur stupid purposes but for yur own benefit…seeen


  • Steve

    I am a student in college and working my ass off through two majors and I have to say that I smoke weed everyday, mostly socially but sometimes alone. But what I won’t say is that it helps me concentrate or makes me a better student, at least while I’m stoned. Have you tried reading a text book baked? Or typing a paper after ripping a bong? It may be more interesting, but it takes forever (maybe not for everyone, but it seriously takes me twice as long to study high). The way to do it is to go to get all your shit done sober and smoke to reward yourself. I think a lot of people here feel the same way. I wouldn’t say my GPA went up because of weed, but having some good herb goes a long way in combating the stress people deal with when at school, or going to work. Yes, it can get out of hand, but if you’re smart and mature enough to smoke when you want to relax and stay sober when you need to work than I think anyone can (and maybe should) try it. In cases where it does get out of hand, I respect the decision to stay sober permanently, but hey, you tried it, and it wasn’t for you.

    Been smoking everyday with some gaps for family vacations for about 2 and 1/2 years. I don’t play competitive sports or anything, but I get stoned and go hiking and it rocks. You should try it.

  • lucy

    i believe that evryone that smokes pot just uses it as an excuse to make it ok that they do it. in reality it makes you less motivated and a non goal oriented person. esp if you have become a pot head. i just think that it is really ridiculous when people try to make excuses for smoking pot. people just need to grow up and deal with your problems smoking pot is only the excuse to runa away from your problems. one day you will have to face your problems. i think it makes you loose people that actually care and want the best for you.

  • TurkeyNurgerz

    Lucy, I believe that you’re an idiot.

    So in your view EVERYONE who smokes pot uses it as an excuse to tell themselves it’s ok? Pretty weird seeings as the majority of the people I know smoke it because, well… it is ok! You wouldn’t get stoned just to try and show yourself that it’s ok to get stoned, you’d get stoned because you’d want to be stoned. Sure, there are bad sides, but there are bad sides to everything. Such like being a moron, the bad side is, you don’t even know it.

    Sure it makes you less motivated, but only to do the stuff that you find merely irrelevant and don’t want to do. At the moment I’m motivated to show you how much of an imbecile you are. Being a motivated and goal-orientated person doesn’t make you a good person, it makes you a motivated and goal-orientated person and I’m pretty sure a lot of pot smokers have goals, you know what I mean. You make it sound as if some people just achieve the “pot head” status like a label, and once you’ve got it you’re all of a sudden even less motivated and goal-orientated.

    There’s a difference between an excuse and a reason, excuses are for those weak enough to need forgiveness from someone else and to justify their own actions to someone else. As soon as you start noticing that people do and say things for their own reasons then you’ll probably start to notice why. Escapism does exist, but that’s not to say EVERYONE should be stereotyped that way.

    I think people smoke pot and start to realize that people who view weed like you are not worth trying to keep in their life, that’s why they lose people. Either that or (like you once more) they see pot smokers as lost from the moment they take it, when “IN REALITY” if they actually cared, if they had compassion and not prejudice, then they’d support any decisions you made and helped you when you needed it.

    People that want the best for you aren’t always the people that show it the most.

  • I do indeed agreed, however, I am a heavy marijuana smoker. Not for the addiction, simply for the high. JUST BLAAAAAAAAAAAAZE

  • pianotokr

    I agree with most of everything. i go to college and smoke weed pretty often, so no arguments about that. however i think you should reconsider your opinions about the ‘scums’ who populate the smoking world. i usually make a point of avoiding sketchy people when i buy it. it also tends to be better quality when it comes from less seedy people

  • 420

    I’ve been smoking pot for about 2 Years..
    I’m not dead, im still in the fysical condition I used to be , I made new friends , had great fun great time..

    But READ THIS: Sometimes weed screws me over, and im serious about it. It CAN fuck you up! When im under alot of pressure and smoke a big fattie to calm myself down it actually makes things worse.. I get stressed and shit .. Don’t forget that weed just adds a + to the vibe you are in. If you’re down you’ll find yourself to be more upset smoking weed then without. If you feel bad about something emotionally or mentally don’t go to weed..
    If you have a problem – solve it. Then smoke a joint now that will be a great High :). If you have a problem – smoke a joint ( like I do ) you end up in f*cked up situations like getting fired, getting bad grades, being broke.. Depressed when you run out of weed.

    This isn’t meant to be a anti weed comment, I hope you don’t interpritate it as one! There are MILLIONS of reasons why it should be legalized! But like with everything and every drugs: Use it Wise, have knowledge about what you are doing.

    If you are responsible enough and have great caracter you can smoke pot while having a wife, kids and a job.

    If you turn pot into your life you cant.

    Im high right now, why i should be a math exam :) true ..
    Couldn’t miss 4:20 :D

  • 420

    Should be learning a math exam *