Smoking pot

Although I have been very adamant about not smoking marijuana, I must admit that my views on marijuana have changed a lot in the last couple years.

I used to believe that smoking marijuana is absolutely bad, however, now I don’t really care if people do it. This change is due to a couple of factors:

1) marijuana is bad for you – shit, French fries are worst, yet we consume a gazillion of that shit everyday.
2) marijuana is a gateway drug – no… being a dumb ass is a gateway drug. if you are dumb enough to snort cocaine or shoot heroine, thats your own stupid fault, don’t blame marijuana.
3) marijuana is addictive – alcohol is addictive and yet everyone drinks it and drive around in their car. I have never heard one of my friends smoke marijuana and put someone else life in danger. I have heard plenty of my friends drank alcohol and drove home drunk.

I am not going to start toking up though for two simple reasons

1) I cant give my friends the satisfaction of saying “Haha, Vinh caved.” Not gonna happen
2) Most of the people who smoke marijuana are scums or criminals. Some people are normal, but most are scums and criminals who break the law just for the hell of it. I don’t want to be associated with scums. Maybe if one day marijuana is legalized and it gets sold in a more normal setting, like in a bar or something, then I would consider trying it, but for now, I will stay away from it.

If marijuana is legalized, those drug peddlers wont have a job. Maybe then, they will just die and fall off the face of the earth. Better for the rest of us.