back from vietnam

Just got back from VietNam on Thursday and I have many things to say about my trip. I will try to and write about it later when I have time. Most of it will be my complaints ( as Uyen would say ), but I think my complaints are good points of improvements for my country.

I am not sure why I cannot sleep, but I am up at 2:30am. I been doing a lot of reading about vietnam because I am curious about the many problems plaguing vietnam, as well as the apparent economic growth. The more I read, the more dizzying it becomes.

Many scholars will tell you that knowledge is power, and according to freakonomics, you are supposed to use knowledge to leverage your situation, however, I find that sometimes knowledge is a downer.

The more I know, the less I want to do.

Try and follow me on this thought… Everything in life seems so black and white when you first see it, but the minute you open it up, its so complicated you don’t even know where to begin.

Of course I dont make any sense. Its 2:30am… give me a break. :P