Whats with Harry Potter?

Am I going to be the only person on earth who doesn’t read Harry Potter? Seriously, it seems like everyone and their mother reads that book.

In this age of the internet and youtube, its amazing that a work of literature is so captivating it motivates people to line up over night pending the release. I can understand why ( but that does not mean I approve ) people line up for the iPhone, the PS3, or the release of Star Warz, but lining up to read a book is another category of its own.

Maybe the author of Harry Potter should have done something revolutionary and instilled a firm place in history by releasing her book online so everyone in the world can get it at the same time and read it simultaneously. It’s not like she needs the money right? Last time I heard, she was pretty rich.

I’ve been forced to watch a couple of Harry Potter movies. To be honest, I don’t really fancy them. If you know me, you know I live in my own fantasy world, and my fantasy world does not look anything like the Harry Potter world. I would describe to you my world, or maybe write it down one day for you to read, but I am afraid you will institutionalize me for it.

Well anyways, congrats to Harry Potter and its success. If anything, it inspired a whole generation to READ… reading is good… :wink: