How to select the 2008 president

Yesterday I was on digg and I found this article with this table about presidential candidate and their proposition on important topics. Although I must warn you this list is an over simplification of the facts, this list is WAY WAY WAY better than listening to CNN or just closing your eyes and blindly picking whoever you happen to land on.

Funny thing is, as soon as I saw this table, I wanted to write a program to help people decide their candidate choice by simply picking their position on the topics. I told my girlfriend, we hung out, I came come, went to bed and this morning someone else already beat me to the idea:

Rudimentary? and maybe even childish? Yes. But I bet this program is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY more informed than 90% of Americans, myself included.

According to the program, I should vote for Kucinich or Gravel. Both democrats. But realistically I should vote for Obama since he actually has a shot of winning… Either way, this programming is helping me because it it gives me potential candidates to do further research on. I am most interested in Kucinich and Gravel, so I will pay closer attention to their campaign.