Sacramento’s Gambling Problem

I thought I had a gambling problem, but what I witnessed today proved that my problems are nothing compared to other people’s demons. So my friends and I went to Thunder Valley casino in Sacramento to eat the buffet today. I wanted to go because I wanted to try using my fishsauce to decimate the crab population at the restaurant, however, to my dismay, there were no crab legs.

But anyways, the point is, today is Tuesday, middle of week. Not the kind of day you would expect the parking lot at Thunder Valley to be packed with cars, but it was. There were tons of people in Thunder Valley playing slot machines and signing up for a membership.

I don’t get it, I thought everyone knew that slot machines are a scam and you’ll loose money no matter what. I also thought that people would be home with their families or catching up on house work, or something… But no, these people were at the casino throwing away their money.

I am no angel myself when it comes to gambling. I have squandered thousands of dollars and countless hours of my life at the poker table. However, my passion for poker is one with calculated risks and long hours of dedication and training. These people are different. They just want to take their hard earned money and throw it into the slot machine. Many of them look like they knew nothing but the slots. Sad really. Really sad.

Btw, Thunder Valley blows ass because they don’t have a poker room. In my opinion, there is no reason to be there period.