CSI is stupid

I started watching CSI because my NPB professor used to reference CSI in his lessons. I thought that was super cool because I really liked NPB. But after watching several episode over the last several months, I have come to the conclusion that CSI is whack. My problems with CSI are as below:

1. The characters are lifeless – their life stories are too atypical.
2. The CSI does too much work – I dont know much about CSI work, but I am pretty freaking sure they don’t confront criminals like they do in the show.
3. Their attempt to explain CSI procedures are too blatant – they could really do a better job disguising it when they explain things to the audience
4. Their job seems too easy – they always find this and that to solve their case… geesh… if it was that easy you’d be a fool to commit a crime
5. CSI jokes are corny – they suck at throwing out punchlines and telling jokes
6. Bones is so much better – Bones characters are lovable, funny, and there is better chemistry between them.

CSI is cool because it teaches you some random science, but it lacks chemistry. It sucks.

  • Jason

    I agree with #2, sometimes #3, but I’m still a fanatic and think it’s a great show.

  • kgriffin

    As for #3 I’d have to say isn’t that mostly the point of any crime drama. You’ve got an hour to catch the bad guys and most of the time you do.

  • yeah right

    They jump to too many conclusions without sufficient evidence, just like real cops, good thing there is reasonable doubt. You just have to have a good lawyer. If you don’t, that is why innocent people go to jail. Very realistic in that aspect.

  • fagolord

    csi is pathetic

  • bruce

    CSI (all of them) is a tragically bad show. It’s terribly over acted, the stories are lame and predictable and the writing is so sledgehammer blunt and heavy handed it’s unbearable. Even the dialogue is nauseating. Take it off the air.

  • jessica

    i am a forensic scientist and i could not agree more it take them 30 seconds to do procedures that take me 6. also my job is just one of many in that the the characters do there is the person who bring the evidence back to the lab there is me who processes the it then there is the person who does the questioning (which do not take place in dark scary rooms). then there are the police who are responsible for the hand-cuffs and guns. also you must were a lab coat and a HAIRNET in the lab. csi does not understand science.

  • jose

    U suck like dora the explore get a life lol

  • jose

    U might be right on number 5 butt u suck balls

  • jessica

    oh, one more detail if i dressed like they do my boss would fire me before i could blink!

  • Mats Svensson

    CSI works a bit like a IQ-test.

    Anyone who goes on about how “smart” CSI is, is probably an idiot.

    This show is like a more expensive version of VIP, but with less boobs and more squinting.

  • mishkin

    csi is retarded – totally true that the lab people completely overstep their responsibility, science is stupid, stories are bland and characters are phony blah I’d rather watch Law and Order any day

  • JohnnyGo

    All cop shows are stupid every last one of them. If you watch them you’re an idiot, simple.

  • Greendayrockin Tyka


  • mary

    My issues with CSI are 1) they all carry weapons and arrest and confront suspects 2) the women dress like ho’s. 3) The characters are unbelievable. 4) Only a moron would watch it

  • mary

    My issues with CSI are 1) they all carry weapons and arrest and confront suspects 2) the women dress like ho’s. 3) The characters are unbelievable. 4) Only a moron would watch it

  • Anonymous

    I know this is a 3 year old post.. but I hope you have learned about the wonderful tool called a period. >.< I would hate to read your reports, woman.

  • Franklin Joshua

    I really hope that “Bones” comment (about it being better) is sarcasm. “CSI” sucks, but “Bones” is an absolute poo..