CSI is stupid

I started watching CSI because my NPB professor used to reference CSI in his lessons. I thought that was super cool because I really liked NPB. But after watching several episode over the last several months, I have come to the conclusion that CSI is whack. My problems with CSI are as below:

1. The characters are lifeless – their life stories are too atypical.
2. The CSI does too much work – I dont know much about CSI work, but I am pretty freaking sure they don’t confront criminals like they do in the show.
3. Their attempt to explain CSI procedures are too blatant – they could really do a better job disguising it when they explain things to the audience
4. Their job seems too easy – they always find this and that to solve their case… geesh… if it was that easy you’d be a fool to commit a crime
5. CSI jokes are corny – they suck at throwing out punchlines and telling jokes
6. Bones is so much better – Bones characters are lovable, funny, and there is better chemistry between them.

CSI is cool because it teaches you some random science, but it lacks chemistry. It sucks.