Ghetto kids are annoying

So annoying, I would pay $20 for a movie ticket, if there was a theater that does not allow ghetto kids to go to. I would even pay to go to a mall, if there was a mall where ghetto kids are banned from!

I hate their baggy jeans, their big t-shirts, their crazy hair, and their loud music. I hate how they talk so loud, how they curse for no reason, and how they walk like they got diarrhea in their pants.

I despise them because they are uncivilized and they have no manners. They have no idea what being polite is, and they have no respect for other people sharing their space.

I wonder what will happen when these stupid kids grow up to be adults. Will they still be annoying like they are today? Will they still act like they own the road? Will they still dress like clowns because their hip-hop idols wears it?

Damn. I really really really hate ghetto kids. If it was up to me, I’d let my dad WHIP the shit out of them like he did to me when I was a kid. I remember getting my ass beat, and my pants thrown away when I acted like that when I was in high school.

It sucks getting beaten, but at least I learned to be courteous and polite. I learned to share my living spaces and be respectful. Damn how I wish I could put those ghetto kids at the movie theater in a headlock. ( too bad they are bigger than me and could beat my ass ) :roll: