Property management companies suck

The property management world must be filled with a bunch of sleeze-balls! Not only do you always hear complaints about them, but just by the way that they list their houses, make you feel like they wouldn’t give a shit about you once you’ve signed the lease!

So lately I’ve been searching the Sacramento craigslist a lot for a nice place to live and, let me tell me you, I am always surprised by how little effort the property managers list their properties. Here is a list of their stupidity:

1) One liners – seriously? This is not a listing for “free dirt”. This is a place of residency, not to mention a one year contract. You really expect me to make a decision on one line of description?

2) No follow up – ok, so its fine that you have one line, I will just call you. But its surprising how little follow-up they do with you once you call them. They barely want to answer your questions. It doesn’t even seem like they want to show you the property. I guess they expect you to just come in with a wagon full of money and dump it in their office. Why the heck you bother to list in the first place if you don’t want my business?

3) No pictures – Honestly. If this was 1950 then I would understand. Nowadays, a digital camera and a computer is a common tool everyone can use. It is not that freaking hard to take multiple pictures while you are out on the property.

4) No maintenance – Wait.. do you even GO to the property before you list them for rent?? I have actually heard from more than one property managers that they had not been to the property yet. Worse, when we get there, I always get this phrase, “There is supposed to be a landscaper here. I don’t know how why this is like this. I will clean it up before you move in.” Yea right! Your “landscaper” probably sees the property as much as you do.

See how hard the cell phone industry and the high speed internet industry work to get you to sign a contract with them? Why can’t property managers do the same? I guess they have so much business, they don’t give a shit about their customers! Fuq them! I vow to never use a property manager when I own a house.