I am an HTML Guy

I was snooping on playpure.com today and found a blog entry by Bigi Lui that I thought was very interesting. He discussed the big disconnect between a programmer and a graphics designer. Basically, the programmer does not know how to make things look good, but on the other hand, the designer doesn’t know how to code. Bigi suggested that one of the solution to this problem is to find someone who is good at both, however, the problem is, those people are very hard to find!

I agree with Bigi, but I would like to offer one more solution: Me.

I am the happy-go-between a programmer and a designer. I am the guy that can take the design and make it functional with the code. This is because I am not good with coding enough to be a full-pledged developer, however, I know enough to understand what the code can and is supposed to do. The same is true with my design skills. Although I do not have that “design” eye, I know what good design looks like and I know how to make design into functional pages. With knowledge of both fields, I make things work.

As my freelancing business begin to prosper, this is becoming more clear. Companies need people like me because I can help them take their back-end and work with the designer to make it look good. In today’s world, even on the web, you gotta look good!

The other day, someone called me an “HTML Guy”. At first I did not really know what to make of it, but now, its starting to make more sense. In today’s Web2.0 phenomenon, there is a high demand for people with my skill set.

The hardest part is… I have to stay on top of my game. I have to keep up with two different fields of computing. I have to stay up to date with the greatest and latest technologies, not to mention all the acronyms! Wish me luck!