Bush VietNam comparisson

Although I normally abhor president Bush and everything he does, I do find one thing in common with him.

I do believe that if we leave Iraq without a good exit strategy, the Iraqi people will suffer just like Vietnamese people did when America left our country.

I can’t believe this story posted on yahoo news: War analogy strikes nerve in Vietnam

They interviewed a bunch of f@cKEn commies and made it seem like ALL Vietnamese people wanted America to leave. That’s simply NOT true. After America abandoned us, our country was ransacked by commies, our dads were tortured in prison, our moms raped, and our villages were burned to the ground.

To this very day Vietnam is still a third world country. The government steals from the people, and children… CHILDREN!!!… still walk the street begging for food to eat.

I for one, wish America did NOT abandon my country.. And I hope they will not ABANDON the Iraqi people.