Immigrants and their children

If you read my blog before, you know I support immigrants and I think a good guest worker program would be very beneficial to them as well as the US. However, today I saw a news story that was really stupid.

An immigrant woman came to America, had a child, and then got deported back to Mexico. Her child is allowed to stay in the US. Ok, I am pretty sure we all know this is messed up.

However, what this woman did next is stupid. She went to the Mexican government and lobbied them to help her. Ok?? honestly.. I support immigration and all, but WTF can the Mexican government do for you?? They don’t even like the US.

Then she went on to say this on TV “the US is the one who broke the law first, by for letting people people cross their borders”. Ok?? WTF again. I am not sure what to say to this. This is like shooting yourself in the foot, or something…. I am not sure… I just know its a really really stupid argument and it would benefit her, as well as other immigrants, to just shut up.

Anyways.. Have you ever wondered if all this news about China’s poor manufacturing quality and toxic contamincation could be a classic case of “wag the dog”? Seriously, if you are a conspiracy theorist, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the US propaganda machine is defaming China because they are afraid of China’s rising power…. Food for thought.