Winning the lottery

I think I wrote about this before, but I have to say it again.

So, right now in California the Super Lotto pot is pretty big ( I am not sure how much because I don’t keep track ). It’s amazingly funny how every time the lottery gets big, tons of people turn out to buy lottery tickets…

This makes NO statistical OR logical sense…

How does a bigger lottery pot increases YOUR chance of winning???? And if you only play when the lottery reaches, oh lets say, $300 millions, does that mean $299 million is too little for you????

I don’t know about all these “other” people, but I’d be damn happy to win a $1 million lottery. Heck, i’d be happy to win $5 on a scratcher!

But aside from being a raging gambleholic, I don’t care too much for getting rich through lotteries. I would rather do something cool and capitalize on other’s people stupidity.

Honestly… That’s basically what success is: Figure out a way to capitalize on someone else’s ignorance…