The best ice-cream in the world

It’s called Mexico and the flavor is coconut.
It is the richest and most flavorful ice-cream on earth.

You can visit their website here:

You can buy this ice-cream at Walmart.

If you are a fan of coconut flavoring, this ice cream is a must. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • Ignacio Gutierrez

    Did you know that Ruben Gutierrez started in Augost 1999 in Chino, California and that he started with money that was paid to him by Ignacio Gutierrez for an agreement made in 1998 that he was not going to compete in California for 10 years he gave his "honorable word" and started anyway.He did not start in 1991 La michoacana did which was founded by me Ignacio Gutierrez. He was a partner at the time.He mentions that he is the second generation making ice cream our dad never made or was ever involved in the process of making ice cream. I feel that not only he should not lie about where he comes from but also tell the truth on how his brother paid a million dollars for a falls promise and that he has been doing wrong to his parents by not paying them a loan they made to him for 20,000 8 years ago. He portrays himself to be MR. NICE GUY but I can assure you he is not.He is nothing but a rat that uses people,by lieing to them and cheating them.

  • The Truth Hurts

    I’m not sure what this Mr. Ignacio Gutierrez is babbling about, but I found the HELADOS MEXICO paletas in Food4Less and they are AMAZING!!! Vinh is right. The Coconut is fantastic, but my favorite is Arroz con Leche. So creamy and flavorful.

    I also tried the La Michoacana paletas, which I found in Superior. Not bad, but nowhere near as good as the Helados Mexico.

  • Edgar Duarte

    I know this was written ten years ago but it is so funny how things turn out.’ve been sued so many times by your employees because you treat them like a heard of animals. fired all your drivers because you thought you’d make an extra couple of cents by using distributors.
    3.your distributor plan failed miserably were outed by your investors
    5. You no longer have a Paleteria

    Your comment was really petty by the way. Lol oh yeah I was one of those drivers with a family you let go.