Discovering Davis

Whenever Uyen and I take Kaylie ( our dog ) for a walk, we discover something new about Davis. If you are just a student here, all you really ever see are the sites and scenes surrounding UC Davis. The huge campus, the new dorms, the many expensive apartment complexes, and the small shopping centers. But did you know that there are many little cul-de-sac in Davis featuring enormous houses, green parks, and scenic bike paths? Ok, when I say scenic I really mean quiet and peaceful, lots of trees, nice fields of grass, etc… It’s not the same kind of scenic you get driving down highway 1 if you know what I mean.

The more I see of Davis, the more I wish I could buy a house and establish my life here. As a renter, I feel like an outsider who is just “borrowing” the sites and sounds of this little town. Sometimes, I just flat out feel like I don’t belong.

So my point is, if you enjoy the quiet and serene life of a smallish-biggish town, come experience Davis California. Skip the downtown stroll and ride your bike around the winding greenbelt instead.