I hate Sex in the City

There aren’t many shows on TV that will actually make me get up out of my comfortable bed to find the remote and change the channel. Sex in the City is one of those shows. As soon as I hear the music cuing up the show, I HAVE to change the channel. Seeing even the first few seconds of that show makes me want to cut my ears off.

Why do I hate it so much you ask??

I don’t know really. I think it has something to do with their endless pursuit for ass, their materialistic life style, and all the men on there are hella wimpy. I am guessing this was probably the intention of the producer. I am also guessing that it has something to do with showcasing the libido of the female gender. But honestly, I really really doubt this show does anything for women. If anything, it makes it worse for them by portraying them as shallow sluts.

Please tell me I am wrong…

  • Staci

    I’m on the fence about the show. When I first began watching it, I loved it (but I was only 23-24 years old at the time). Now, I still like it and feel it raises some pertinent questions about sexuality, but its depiction of women and womanhood, particularly of female sexuality, actually disturbs me. I realize the show needs drama to be interesting, but these women have sex with so many men that I have trouble keeping track (and, by the way, so do they).
    Carrie, for example, is supposed to be the "normal" girl, and as such her behavior seemingly sets the standard for "normal" sexual behavior. For young female viewers watching her, they see that "normal" means having sex with a married man while she is in a serious relationship with another man, sleeping with several men on the first date, sleeping with men she barely knows, and basically sleeping with any man she can find (she even has sex with a fellow patient she meets at a therapy session, and yes it is on their first date). Yet, few viewers see Carrie as a "slut" or "whore,"; in fact, most see her as the "normal" one and the type of female that men want to be in a relationship with.

    P. S. I would love to know what male viewers think of Carrie.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my god. I think Carrie is a total slut. She sleeps with any man who even looks her way, and yet SHE is the one who the men want? Seriously? REmember that politican guy who she sleeps with after knowing him like 3 days? Then, she proudly announces to her friends that they should vote for him ’cause she is sleeping with him! What else is new? She sleeps with everyone. So does Samantha, but at least Samantha is honest about it and doesn’t pretend to be all girl next door and sweet like Carrie. Gross. I like the show but hate how they make Carrie. I like the other 3 because they don’t seem as slutty or fake as CArrie, and if I hear one more commercial for shoes while I’m watching the show, I’m gonna scream. Can you say materialism???!!

  • Josh

    Yeah, I agree about the Carrie remarks. As a guy, I’d never sleep with or go out with her. My girlfriend forces me to watch this show and I can’t stand Carrie’s character, and Aidden taking her back after she cheated on him is completely unrealistic. They try to make her lovable and the ultimate girl, but she isn’t. Charlotte is the closest to the ultimate girl, but even she is too whiny.

  • Robert

    My wife loves this show, I on the other hand hate it.It makes sense in todays climate of Tolerance and "evolved thinking" that many of my old fashion ideas would be seen as Neanderthal.There are things that are great about the Sex in the City girls. They are independent and empowered I think.I just pray that my daughter doesn’t have more sex partners than she can recall, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t date men who have had serious relationships with men,to name a few things and that she will always have better than the like of these four women to help her navigate life choppy waters.

  • Aaron

    Sex and the city-just the title makes me honestly hate it. I cant begin to understand why women like it, I suppose the fact that women see a bit of themselves in each one of these 4 women. My girlfriend loves the shows main character which to me is just a relationship nagger, in every aspect, completely bored and never fully satisfied. Not only this character but the lonely nympho, the innocent hopeless romantic, and the successful/powerful woman. It’s not light hearted, it depicts how women are instinctful, shallow, blunt and cheating behind backs in a "nice" and "understanding" way. It’s disgusting and enrages me to the point where I write this critique. If I could tell one chracter one thing it would be to Carrie– relationships dont need analyzation but to just have "Necessary to" or "Desire to", showing growth and understanding love for each other. Her questioning circle her to end in despair! Funninlgly, I guess I watch because it’s her pathetic self lost in her confused mind in all the episodes.

  • Darren

    Sex And The City is one of those shows that enforces the detail about how some American women like the idea of feminism (as a concept)- but really just want men to finance their domestic fantasies. The characters in the show are generally predators for a lifestyle and social climbing. Having girls make purchase decisions off of ‘what character is wearing what dress’ seemed to be a good way to jump start the retail economy- but the show is over so hello to girls getting out of fantasy land and paying down their credit card bills (unlike their retail hero Carrie). Well, shop til’ you drop and stay in debt! Go Sex And The City!

  • Dave

    I have to say I hate it as well. If woman are "really" like these ladies on the show I am ever saddened for all of humanity. I may be a man, but I have sat and watched both the HBO and public television versions and they are both trash.

  • Dave

    I have to say I hate it as well. If woman are "really" like these ladies on the show I am ever saddened for all of humanity. I may be a man, but I have sat and watched both the HBO and public television versions and they are both trash.

  • Lili

    These women are anything but emancipated. They’re emotionally and materially dependent on wealthy (and mostly unavailable) men. They are foul mouthed and just want to shop. If I was a guy, I wouldn’t dare bring any one of those money grabbing ghetto hoochies home to mama.

  • Lili

    These women are anything but emancipated. They’re emotionally and materially dependent on wealthy (and mostly unavailable) men. They are foul mouthed and just want to shop. If I was a guy, I wouldn’t dare bring any one of those money grabbing ghetto hoochies home to mama.

  • pen

    The only thing funnier then men bitching about the money grubbing sluts on sex in the city is men sitting at a strip club bitching about the money grubbing sluts on sex in the city.

  • pen

    The only thing funnier then men bitching about the money grubbing sluts on sex in the city is men sitting at a strip club bitching about the money grubbing sluts on sex in the city.

  • Rob

    I must agree with everyone else who hates Sex and the City. It’s pretty much already been covered, but what ruins the whole thing for me is the generally pretentious, shallow attitudes of the main characters. If I knew any of those women in real life they would absolutely drive me up a wall. To me, you can sum up every episode as follows: "Hey ladies, let’s go shopping, then have some loveless sex with men who aren’t right for us and then go whine about it at an overpriced restaurant over an overpriced bottle of wine."

  • Louise

    wow guys, you all need to relax… ITS JUST FICTION!!!
    you should all get over it go and watch The Man show… that’ll make you all feel a bit more comfortable and a bit less threatened.

  • Rebecca

    I totally agree. I have not watched it at all because it’s terrible. The writing could be brilliant and I would still not watch it just because of what it depicts. How about a show on "Purity in the City." Hmmm. Not as glamorous, but I’d probably watch it. I love Rob’s summation of it: "Hey ladies, let’s go shopping, then have some loveless sex with men who aren’t right for us and then go whine about it at an overpriced restaurant over an overpriced bottle of wine."

  • the Lorax

    Anyone who feels backwards for hating this show, don’t. Theyre the freaks not us. The fact that most people find these women disgusting is not evidence of being backwards. I would’nt watch the Man Show or these whores. Is this crap supposed to be cool?

  • Sgt Ballbag

    it must be the worst show in the history of time,
    its not appealing at all,
    what is wrong with producers of tv shows nowadays, seriously, what a lot of bollocks

    and i quote family guy for my final point…. ‘so… its a show ab out 3 hookers and thier mom?’

  • sassy



    and i’m female

    and i don’t understand why other females ADORE that show! and now a movie? are you kidding me? a movie about a few douchebags??


  • Mike

    I agree. This show is trash. The few women I know who watch it try to defend it and say it is about the struggle to find a " good" or "interesting" or "worthy" man in today’s world. Then the characters find one. Then, they dump him because of one insignificant detail. That pretty much sums up every episode of Sex and the City I was forced to watch.

  • Rick

    No. We don’t need to calm down. Sex in the City is bad for society. Its negative effects, if limited to the shallowness of the four fictional characters, would be easy enough to ignore, but unfortunately for the human race, it’s a pop culture phenomenon now. Mothers are watching this filth with their twelve-year-old daughters, who are growing up thinking that this is decent way to conduct yourself and buying into the myth that sex has no social or moral consequences. Now, hey, I’m no prude, and I’m far from right-wing—I’m not suggesting abstinence-only sex education and waiting until marriage. Virtually no one does that anymore. But not everyone hops into the sack with practically everyone they meet.

  • Stefan

    Hee-hee-hee. Men have small penises! Hee-hee-hee! Shopping! Shoes! Fashion! Hee-hee-hee! Aren’t we liberated? Let’s go to an expensive restaurant and eat salad and drink pricey wine while reducing our "relationships" to discussions on how inadequate mens penises are – too short, too thin, unsatisfying. Hee-hee-hee! Big penis is too limp and he’s an asshole. Plus he’s not tall enough. Why can’t a man with a nice big thick penis with lots of money just love me for who I am? And by love I mean give me credit cards with unlimited spending and support my love of intellectual pursuits such as shoes and being thin. And what pigs men are for mentioning breasts!

    Seriously, I wonder what kind of "men" these women would get if they were real people? Once they hit fify and measure the number of sex partners by how many miles of penis have been inside them, what’s left?

    I feel seriously lucky for not having women like these in my life. They must all have canyons for vaginas. Bleh.

    I think lots of women like this show because it lets them vicariously make fun of penises and the inadequacies of men in general while glorifying shoes, shopping, being thin, etc. Why women desire *that* crap though is beyond me…

  • alf

    I detest that show.
    a few facts: candace bushnell was the original slut in the city. the show was based on her weekly column in the observer about her and her gaggle of yenta girlfriends’ exploits in skankdom. btw, the real "mr.big" was rumored to be former ny republican senator alphonse d’amato.
    these women represent everything that’s wrong with society at this point; shallow, materialistic, social-climbing, easy and NEUROTIC. and please spare us all the "empowerment" nonsense. the fact is, these four women DEFINED themselves by men. keep in mind, that as "smart, complex and modern" a role model for women as these whores are supposed to be the only excuse they could come up with to put them on the big screen is a WEDDING.
    gee, how feminist.

  • Jean-Pierre Deslauriers

    "Sex in the city" is just harmless escapism, isn’t it? See below how one "empowered" 14 year old chose to model her life. She’s now grown up and a Mormon, but still secretly pines for the old days. This is what our children are watching and emulating. At least Brittany Spears was only innuendo. HA! Right! Our young girls actually think "Sex and the City" is the way to go! It enrages me that mothers and daughters watch this shit together and collectively objectify men with their knowing looks and juvenile smirks:

    ‘Sex and the City’ Fiend: Show Turned Me Into Samantha
    For Some, ‘Sex and the City’ Is Both Entertainment and Education
    May 21, 2008 —
    You can only watch Samantha Jones bed so many gorgeous guys before wondering if 4-inch heels and sky-high confidence would allow you to do the same.

    At least that’s what happened to "Lisa" (not her real name). She got hooked on "Sex and the City" when she was a 14-year-old growing up on Long Island, N.Y. It was the same year she lost her virginity. She soon graduated to ordering cosmopolitans at bars she snuck into and cheating on her boyfriend with up to seven other guys — in one week.

    "When you’re that age you try to emulate people on TV. Carrie smoked, so I smoked, Samantha looked at hooking up with random people as not a big deal, so that’s what I did too," said Lisa, now 22. "It wasn’t ‘Sex and the City’s’ fault. I love the show, but I think it made it a little easier to justify my behavior."

    It’s a twisted version of monkey see, monkey do. For some 20-something women, "Sex and the City," which hits theaters in feature film form May 30, served as Dating 101 — lessons in how to hook up, go out and live the fabulous lives of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), no strings attached.

    Lisa remembers re-enacting one particular Samantha scene in her own life: Season 3, episode 39, in which the bachelorette-for-life scrunches her face up at her latest suitor and tells him she doesn’t like the way his semen tastes.

    "That was something that happened to me. I used her exact words: ‘You have funky spunk,’" she said. "I knew from watching the show that it had to do with something he was eating," so she took a cue from the script and took an ax to a certain item in his diet.
    To be clear: "Sex and the City" can’t be blamed for creating a generation of sluts. No one’s attempted to quantify how the landmark HBO series changed the way people date and hook up, and both the network and series executive producer/movie producer Michael Patrick King declined to comment for this story on how they believe the show affected women.

    But according to psychiatrists, relationship experts and fans, "Sex and the City" changed the way women view hooking up, if not their hooking up habits.

    "It did have some impact talking about affairs, vibrators, etc.," said Pepper Schwartz, a University of Washington sociology professor and relationship expert for Perfectmatch.com. "If it’s not permission giving, it at least demystifies and normalizes what goes on in women’s lives in a more than snickering way."

    That’s what Angela Hwang, 24, found when she started watching the show in cable syndication, after it went off HBO. She and her girlfriends routinely compare their experiences to "Sex and the City" episodes.

    "My girlfriends and I, every single guy we’ve been with we can relate to one of the guys on the show," she said. "We’ve all had Samantha moments. We’ll say, ‘Remember the guy I saw last week? He was exactly like the guy in episode 15.’"

    Hwang took away more than just bedroom tips.

    "You can have a successful career and girlfriends without needing a guy by your side. You don’t need guys as long as you’ve got your girlfriends!"

    "With teenagers and young adults, there’s a certain degree of role modeling that goes on. There’s a certain ‘if it’s done on the screen then it’s OK, it’s normal,’"Copyright © 2008 ABC News Internet Ventures

  • Max

    I really do not consider "Sex and the city" as being harmless escapism.
    The series perfectly reflects the thinking of a big part of our society.
    What are these women doing? Shallow speeches about men and sex, is that so extraordinary, shouldn’t anyone be able to openly talk about sexual desires and practics?
    The show tells young women that being shallow materialist and slutty is just fine, you never hear these girls in the series talking about spirituality or finding their hapiness in other things than guys, shoes or shopping.
    The message is; as long as you behave this way you are ok with todays society, no need to think critically about what’s going on in the world or asking questions that might be disturbing.
    Some people plead these "poor" terrorized muslim women that have to wear the Burka and are not allowed outside the house without being accompanied by a man. Believe me, I was living in Egypt for quite a while and many of these women like what they have to do, they have their place and are happy with it.Do not get me wrong here, I think anyone should be allowed to freely decide what he or she wants to do.
    But what is our society telling women?
    According to so many TV-crap-shows, you have to make career while raising several children, look good at all times and stay good looking until the end of your days by any means, plastic surgery is fine and by getting your tits done you are gonna become a different being inside.
    Is that our so called emancipation? I do not think so.

  • Ncry

    I hate it above most series, imo its just really bad acting and its not fun whatsoever. Its just shallow

  • Francesca

    This show actually makes me hate all New Yorkers-it even makes New York seem incredibly claustrophobic and depressing. Yet I watch the show and sometimes like it at the same time. I think however that it’s responsible for making me never ever want to date. And Charlotte who is supposed to be the prim and proper minister’s daughter seems like a ho bag too, as much as I love her classic style. All in all the show is good in the sense that it makes you care about the characters as sad as their lives are. And in a way, unintentionally I think it shows the tragedy of the sexual revolution. Keep in mind the writers are gay men, and ultimately the characters are too. Just my very very mixed emotions on the show. And while I like the opening music and everything, I never watch SATC repeats, flip them off as fast as I can when they come on, as my romanticism just can’t take any more floggings.

  • Francesca

    Stefan, what the hell is your deal? How many times exactly did you say penis? I think your more obssessed with penises than the the show. You’re creeping me out with your weird projections and need to get a life!

  • thomasity

    Everyone who is posting here about how they hate the show should be nominated for a nobel prize. I’ve only seen it a few times because of gf’s and stuff but come on now. How pathetic do you really need to be to love a show like this? And EVERY girl loves it! Why? I know exactly why. Girls love this show because it basically states that a girl can sleep around with whoever she wants and its no longer considered being a slut. I’m so sick of these woman power movies.. WE get it alright! Women are equal. Why is that whenever a minority becomes equal like they wanted they need to whine and act like they’re better because they had to "fight" to be equal. I see everyone as equal. Black, white, woman or man we’re all equal with different strengths. So while you sit at home and watch a show that makes you feel more clever than men are, remember, You’re no worse than men but that also means you’re no better! The only thing that could make a woman lesser than a man would be being obsessed with such a self centered, materialistic, "we are woman hear us roar" type show. Gross!

  • Lauren

    When I first started watching this show I was only about 14-15 years old and I found the show to be very interesting since my parents never really talked to me about sex. Thankfully, I did not mold to the message of the show and become a desperate, man-eat slut like these women were. Over the pass 5 years, as I’ve gotten older and dealt with relationships of my own, I began to see that those four women and pathetic, needy, whiny and down right degrading women. They obviously all need some sort of counciling when it comes to relationships because none of those relationships are anywhere near healthy.

    I do have to agree that the guys who Charlotte and Miranda ended up with were good relationships, but the fact the Carrie ended up with Big is a complete load of horse shit. Why would any sane woman go back to a guy who over and over and over again walked all over her and broke her heart and turned her into even more of a whiny sad-sack? In what universe does a man finally commit to a woman even though for the past 5+ years of knowing her, he could never come close to that? Even at their wedding he got freaked out and ran off (sort of) and what does she do? She still takes him back!!!

    These four women are degrading the very idea of love and romance in this world. Even though this show is suppose to be about finding love, I see it more of 4 woman trying to see how many men in New York they can sleep with until they finally give up and settle for the bartender that ends up cheating on you, or a divorce lawyer who wont marry you unless you are Jewish, or a man who is afraid of commitment? Yes, they were in love, but to what extent?

    This show was no where near anything like a search for romance. How do you honestly expect to have romance at all in your life if you open you legs within the first few hours of knowing every man you meet? I even recall one episode when Carrie was on a mission to sleep with Aiden and HE had to point it out to HER that there needed to be more romance in their relationship. And I do believe that after this she was quote saying, “Romance! It never even occurred to me!” Odd? I think so!!

  • Eric

    Thank you all! My gf just got ticked because I couldn’t pin-point why this show makes me want to vomit and why I can’t stand watching more than 30 seconds of it. Why oh why do people need to try and convince others to watch this show or that they “just don’t understand it”. I don’t need to understand anymore than the reasons given on this forum

  • Angela

    Where truly does one start with this show. Honestly, I have seen starving, dying people in 3rd World Countries with more fashion sense than I have seen on this show. The entire cast look like a bunch of transvestites, which would be fine if they were, but they are actually trying to “play” women. What women? No women I know would ever dress, behave or carry on like they do, as we all actually have some form of fashion sense, decorum and taste.

  • Carol Dowling

    I wish they would make the final movie and Carrie and the rest of them would get killed Final Destination style.
    Carrie is totally the Crypt Keeper and is not hot.
    You are 100 % correct, my man!

  • marina

    this show promotes wrong values. it makes jung girls think that sleeping around with hundreds of men is normal. later on they will regret what they might have done under the influence if this movie.

  • facka

    I could not agree more , that show makes me sad.

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  • robin

    I hate this show. Sarah Jessica Parker creeps me out. She looks so weird. I am not suprised that Cynthia Nixon is gay. The show is so boring and unrealistic. I agree with the comments about the shows lack of fashion sense. Does hollywood really think real woman relate to this? Get real! I just hope young girls have enough sense not to be influenced by this insanity. The real world is so much better.

  • robin

    I hate this show. Sarah Jessica Parker creeps me out. She looks so weird. I am not suprised that Cynthia Nixon is gay. The show is so boring and unrealistic. I agree with the comments about the shows lack of fashion sense. Does hollywood really think real woman relate to this? Get real! I just hope young girls have enough sense not to be influenced by this insanity. The real world is so much better.

  • abhiram


  • pinkblings

    The COUGARS on Sex and the City are whack, wanna-be-young, and lost! The show is over and out-dated. Please let it remain as part of our cultural history. What a bunch of washed-up losers on the show. In real life, the women would find themselves —- by themselves! Peace out Sex and the City!

  • Kaz

    I hate this show and now another movie…ugh…Makes women look completely ridiculous, the sooner it fades into tv history the better. Would love to see a show about women who have stable families with loving husbands or spouses, with happy children, good jobs etc but I doubt I will ever see it. SATC has done more to destroy feminism than any tv show, they are not feminists, they are needy twits who rely on men to satisfy all their needs. Go climb a mount for Gods sake…satisfaction guaranteed and no penis required, save that for normal, healthy sexual function with one partner, something these girls don’t have

  • Johny

    If this is pretty much just a HATE page for Sex and the City, sign me up!!!!!!!! Oh, JESUS F*%KING CHRIST, this show makes me have something against women – which kind of feels wrong, I don’t want to be like that, yet that’s exactly the way this show makes me feel. And I don’t really care if I am a hater because of it. Horrible show, unless you want to train your daughters on how to be fascist pig sluts. My wife`s favorite show, alond with the Golden Girls. Yeah, who on earth would envy me on that level? Nobody, nobody on guy on the planet, unless they are extremely gay. My god, I just want to puke on everything, everywhere. THE DAY SARAH JESSICA PARKER DIES, DRINKS ARE ON ME, GUYS!!!!!!!

  • Exodus of the Horde

    You’re not wrong. The show is a humiliation for woman, showing them as hollow meat. The show is a total no-no for smart people.

  • Sofie

    You cannot deny the fact that the show is a benchmark for what fashion should be. In a stagnant world of cheap clothes and bad style, sex in the city is a breath of fresh air.

  • Dinky

    I agree with all of the above comments. My two cents is that the program has changed over the years from a Carrie B. focus (sex) to SJP (fashion). As Louise writes, “the show is just fiction”. But over the years it has taken on some kind of importance (independent women, etc. etc.) and that’s where all the other criticism becomes valid. Personally, I don’t watch the show now and haven’t seen movie 1. The show “jumped the shark” when all the leads settled down (even S. at that point). You can’t call it ‘sex’ when everyone is partnered. That’s when there was less sex and more commercialism (especially to line SJP’s pocket). The male interactions, the female guest stars and sexual hijinks were fun. Now the show is one big infomercial.

  • Mira8

    You aren’t wrong. This show/movie is an abomination and sets feminism back 100 years. Hell, it makes women AND men both look like useless, worthless assholes. Whoever came up with this thing should have to answer for crimes against humanity.

  • Tabytha

    I am a woman and I hate this show, too. Not only does it make women look bad and provide teenage girls with bad role models, it is being shown around the world and women and men overseas are starting to believe that American women are like this!

    I lived in New York City for years and I never met any women like this. In the real world, such women would end up either dead with AIDS, or in the mental institution.

    Furthermore, the so-called “sexual liberation” is nothing more than women trying to be as bad as men. Sex is only fulfilling when there is love involved, and there is real commitment. That’s why the Bible was against sleeping around- it wasn’t about “oppressing” people, it was a form of liberation from sexual addiction and compulsion, so people could form healthy relationships.

    Humanity has to liberate itself from materialism and turn to God, our creator. Christians believe that “God is Love”, not sex!

  • Angela

    Another female here who hates sex in the city. So glad to see how many others hate it. The women are shallow and phoney. They are immature. It stands to reason that they will be endlessly searching for a good relationship because immature women tend to attract immature men. I find the whole concept kind of creepy — I don’t want to know about the sex lives about these poor lost souls, yuck.

  • rob s

    47 first person references before the commercial break is just way too self-centered content for me. I…. me…. my….. UGH! Enough already? (A) you are not that important or interesting. It’s one long self-aggrandising love fest. Yuck.

  • rob s

    and (B) they’re not the kind of people I would every want to come in contact with.

  • lynda J

    I hate this shallow and superficial show w every bone in my body. None of these women are likable or attractive, physically or intellectually. Gross.

  • PaKo

    Just dream about Carry & Co, a fully loaded AK-47, bunch of kniwes and a free, sunny afternoon…;) then we can talk about that emotional excrementation

  • Don

    Any show that demeans women to the point where they become as materialistic, vapid and promiscuous as these 4 is just wrong. I hate The Man Show, Californication and the like as well so it’s nothing to do with women being slutty.

    Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I was raised knowing some real women, strong and confident women who didn’t have to open their legs to be seen or heard, women who were treated with respect not because they bitched about it and pulled some feminist crap on men trying to turn them into obedient puppies. The women I grew up with had class, personality, knowledge and intelligence – something every character and every scrip lacks in this show.

    Family Guy said it best I think: “So it’s a show about 4 hookers and their mum”.

  • Susan B

    When I first saw this silly show, I felt “omg – this has totally perverted feminism.” Also, it perpetuates vanity, materialism, greed and that women’s lives are only fulfilled by men, or talking about men, or putting men down, or laughing about men….It is shallow and silly and encourages mature women to try to remain silly young girls – both in the way they dress, and the way they behave – as if immature behaviour were somehow sexy and made them seem younger….ugh I say: Grow Up!

    I was shocked and dismayed to find out that my daughter-in-law took her 15 year old daughter to the opening of the movie and said they had a wonderful “girls night” out. Well, actually I wasn’t surprised. The girls subscribes to a magazine called “Shop ’til You Drop” (Australia) and her favourite passtime is going to the malls and shopping. Same with her mom. No wonder my son wants to go off fishing or surfing with the lads for weeks at a time.

  • nonalo

    that piece of shitty production should call “searching for every dick in NY” instead of “sex and the city”

  • Dario Western

    I will marry any girl in my town who can publicly admit to hating this show.

  • firefly

    sex in the city ……..its a shit.!

  • Askasd

    my girlfriend hates sex and city. o/ and no, you can’t have her

  • veena

    I think men who say they can’t enjoy sex and the city are threatened by strong female characters and the idea that they can be as powerful as a man within a relationship.
    My boyfriend is a modern man who enjoys watching well written comedy with me.
    And yes, I’m a psychologist. :)

  • veena

    I must admit.. the first time watching the series I sided with Carrie on everything…
    Now I am slightly older and mature, I do find she is a nit picker who seems to have a go at Big over tiny insignificant things and blow them out of proportion.
    As for the idiots who suggest self-respecting girls would actually model their lives around this show… I have loved it since I was 16 and have been with the same man all my life, and plan to marry him. So what’s wrong with someone like me enjoying the light humour and strong female friendships? Nothing.

  • Mb291198

    I’m a female who loves all the girly shows and reality tv BUT I absolutely hate Sex in the City too. It does try to showcase the modern woman (although everyone on this dam show is nearly half a century old) and how sexually forward she can be while being insanely successful. Carrie’s one-liners grind my gears and I’m sickened by Samantha’s over sexual attitude. OK just getting it off my chest

  • Zygotos

    Sex AND the City.
    not Sex in the City

  • :)

    Oh god I know what you mean. this is coming from a girl btw. To sexist for me. I hate that.

  • Zygotos

    You guys are just afraid of strong and independent women but only blame it on the extravagancy and luxurious life style seen on the show. Those women are “slut” for you, forgetting the word slut is a male invention. If they are slut, so am I. And I’m proud of it.
    Come on.. Be honest. Raise awareness. Nothing to fear. Enjoy your nature.


    In addition to it being a show about shallow, materialistic, immature women, it is also about middle-age crisis and that’s why many women 40+ or 50+ like it as they feel they are being validated :  (see, I’m still sexy is the unwritten message)  I find these women pathetic and an embarrassement to truly self-confident strong women.  I feel like yelling :  GROW UP !!   

  • Lola

    This show isn’t about feminists.. it’s about women being sexist, materialistic and vapid. I’m a woman and I hate this show.

  • Rm29jiujitsu

    ur an idiot

  • Cande

    Yes, I’m threatened by strong female characters. It’s kind-of-like a guy dressed as a woman in a dark alley trying to grope you.. Fundamentally unattractive.
    Psychologist down below.. should understand we are all products of millions of years of evolution: Old ladies, with strong opinions and many partners, are the opposite of attractive. Your boyfriend is a ‘modern man’ is that phycologist speak for ‘gay’ ? Even though psychology is founded by an eccentric crazy man who cut off a woman’s  nose to lower her libido… please use scientific method,.. and logic, don’t be swayed by your hormonal roller coaster.

  • Zygotos

    and you’re not a psychologist, real idiot.

  • …….

     You mean by strong female characters, women who would feel powerless in seconds if they didn’t showed off their bodies….. 

  • betsy w

    I too despise the women in Sex and the City, but they are not really women or the ones who are sex-obsessed, materialistic, petty, shallow, mean-spirited and self-centered. It’s the writer of Sex and the City, Michael Patrick King and his circle of friends and acquaintances, who are sex-obsessed, materialistic, petty, shallow, mean-spirited and self-centered. He writes on what he knows. He also scripts the despicable characters in 2 Broke Girls. Apparently, for purely mercenary reasons he puts his words into the mouths of female characters to appeal to a wider audience than the proportionately small audience he might get if he only wrote to gay males. Likewise, the violent female characters in La Femme Nikita, Dragon Tattoo, Haywire, The Professional and Underworld, etc. were all written and directed by straight men (?). The male filmmakers and the men who watch are obviously appealing to their own tastes for eroticized violence. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking these characters are based on real women or made primarily for women. It’s really sad and pitiful to see that some women are so grateful that any role would be assigned to women no matter how debased and despicable. Now, even a women filmmaker seems to catch on that how to make the money and get awards is by ramping up the violence al a Kate Bigelow with Hurt Locker. Bigelow became the first woman in history ever to win the Academy Award for Best Director by giving men the kind of violent film they preferred.Still, no one can top the violence meted out to women in American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis or in Hostel by Eli Roth. Well, maybe Kanye West in his album Monster where women are lynched and eaten. He’s also getting Bret Ellis to write promo scenes from American Psycho for his album Yeezus.