I hate Sex in the City

There aren’t many shows on TV that will actually make me get up out of my comfortable bed to find the remote and change the channel. Sex in the City is one of those shows. As soon as I hear the music cuing up the show, I HAVE to change the channel. Seeing even the first few seconds of that show makes me want to cut my ears off.

Why do I hate it so much you ask??

I don’t know really. I think it has something to do with their endless pursuit for ass, their materialistic life style, and all the men on there are hella wimpy. I am guessing this was probably the intention of the producer. I am also guessing that it has something to do with showcasing the libido of the female gender. But honestly, I really really doubt this show does anything for women. If anything, it makes it worse for them by portraying them as shallow sluts.

Please tell me I am wrong…

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