Things that Digg loves

Although I really hate the people who comments on, I can’t help myself to reading their comments. I guess I just can not turn down an opportunity to hear what other people have to say. This helps me see things in a different perspective, and it helps me decide where I want to stand on important issues.

However, like I said, I hate the people that comments on Digg. They are hypocritical and self-righteous. They think they have a solution for everything, yet they do nothing (except for crashing servers, they are definitely good at that). They are, in a sense, a bunch of kids. Or more specifically, a bunch of teenagers who think the world is their oyster. Face it, you are too chicken to eat a damn oyster.

Anyways, here is a list of things Digg loves.

1. Ron Paul – If you said “Ron” who?? You definitely don’t Digg.
2. Hating Hillary – If there is one thing they love more than Ron Paul, its hating Hillary.
3. Trashing Women – If you wonder why they hate Hillary, its probably because they just hate women in general. Yes, for a group of people deathly afraid of, and have had limited contact with women, they seem to hate them a lot. Ok Ok, you are right, they also don’t agree with her politics, but that’s no fun.
4. Hating on Religion – Some are atheists, and some just hate religion. If you are evangelical, avoid Digg at all cause. They will make you feel like shit or infuriates you like hell (oh yea, don’t mention hell, they don’t believe in hell).
5. Marijuana – eh, who doesn’t.
6. Apple – iPhone this, iPod that, oh btw, did you see the latest pics of Steve Jobs shaving?
7. Hating Fanboys – Ironic… For a place that loves Apple, they hate people who loves Apple. :?
8. Government Conspiracy – The government is tracking us and monitoring our brainwaves. They want to control us and will kill all those who opposes them. The president is a pawn of big corporations seeking to make money by sending you to war and causing 911.
9. Liberalism – When you think the government is out to get you, the only solution is to look out for yourself. Don’t pay taxes, buy a gun, and f0ck the pigs! Yup… that’s the typical Digg sentiment. I myself prefer having police officers around to protect me from crazy tax evading, gun wielding, women hating Digg’ers.
10. Games – But no worries, Digg’ers won’t take over the world soon, they are too busy playing video games.

Let me just reiterate that this list may not reflect the opinions of ALL Digg’ers, however, it’s just what I noticed from the one who writes and digg comments.