Clumsy because I am falling in love

Fergie – Clumsy

First time,
that I saw your eyes,
boy you looked right through me.
Play it cool,
but I knew you knew,
That cupid hit me.

You got me trippin, stumbling, flippin, fumblin
Clumsy cuz (because) I’m fallin in love, in love
So in love with you

Can’t breath,
when you touch my sleeve,
butterflies so crazy.
Whoa now,
think I’m goin down,
friends don’t know whats with me.

Link to the actual music video:

I find it kinda strange that my guy friends don’t seem to get hung up on girls. Ever since middle school, I have always been “clumsy” over all the cute girls around me. I guess you can say that I am a really really really lucky guy because I have been pretty successful at tricking girls I like into liking me back :).

But anyways, I guess the point is, if you like someone, the worst thing you can do is NOT tell them you like them. Who knows, maybe they feel the same “clumsy” way about you?